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  1. streaming
    Comedy Central Is Getting the Brands Back Together for Paramount+Specials from Amy Schumer and movies from the Workaholics and Beavis and Butt-Head guys are on the way.
  2. two friends
    We Must Help Adam DeVine Find Blake Anderson’s Secret TikTok“It’s better if you stumble on it randomly.”
  3. ‘Workaholics’ Turns Itself Into a Pitch-Perfect ’90s Dating Reality Show […]‘Structurally Sound’ is a recurring feature where each week a different structurally unusual, rule-breaking anomaly of an episode from a comedy […]
  4. The ‘Workaholics’ Guys Prepare to Say Goodbye in the Season 7 TrailerThe seventh and final season of Workaholics premieres on Comedy Central next month, so for the new trailer released today, Blake Anderson, Adam […]
  5. trailer mix
    The Gang Is Back One Last Time For the Workaholics Season 7 TrailerWorkaholics returns Wednesday, January 11.
  6. Comedy Central Confirms Premiere Dates for ‘Workaholics,’ ‘The High […]Comedy Central has confirmed premiere dates for a pile of new and returning series. First up is the seventh and final season of Workaholics, […]
  7. we have fun
    Here Are All the Jokes Workaholics Is Retiring, and You Should TooThanks, Obama.
  8. How Many of These Joke Clichés Are You Guilty of Using?Workaholics will air its seventh and final season on Comedy Central next year, and while the writing staff has contributed plenty of great […]
  9. Comedy Central’s ‘Workaholics’ Will End After Season 7Workaholics is nearing its end. According to Deadline, the show’s creators Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck have […]
  10. happy trails
    Workaholics to Officially End After Season 7“It was an incredible run but we’ve decided to leave on a HIGH note. Get it?”
  11. happy trails
    Workaholics Is Mostly Likely Done After Season 7“We kind of think now’s a good time to put it to bed.”
  12. the industry
    Rogen, Workaholics Creators Announce New FilmIt’s going to be “Die Hard in a hotel.”
  13. Comedy Central Sets Premiere Dates for ‘Broad City,’ ‘Workaholics,’ […]Comedy Central just revealed a round of premiere dates for new and returning series. First up is the season 6 premiere of Workaholics on […]
  14. Comedy Central Renews ‘Workaholics’ for Two More SeasonsA day after giving South Park a triple-season renewal, Comedy Central has given a double renewal to Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, […]
  15. stoner week
    Actors, Musicians, and Comedians Share Their Favorite Things to Do While HighCartoons, Cosmos, and … Kenan & Kel?
  16. paleyfest
    How Broad City and Workaholics Raised Red Flags at Comedy Central“We really fought for it, and it made it in.”
  17. On Five Seasons of Buttholes with the ‘Workaholics’ GuysFive seasons in, and there’s still no shortage of butthole jokes on Workaholics. You have to respect that commitment. Whereas some comedies […]
  18. oh no they didn’t
    The Coast Guard Is Mad at Workaholics for That Raunchy EpisodeBecause of a dog and an anus.
  19. The ‘Workaholics’ Guys Blow Stuff Up in the Uncensored Season 5 TrailerWorkaholics returns to Comedy Central for its fifth season January 14th, and Comedy Central released a new uncensored trailer that features the […]
  20. Ben Stiller Will Appear in ‘Workaholics’ Season 5Comedy Central’s Workaholics got a double-season renewal back in 2013 and returns for a fifth season on January 14th, and TV Line reports that […]
  21. Throwing a House Party with Adam DevinePart sitcom, part standup showcase, Adam Devine’s House Party might be difficult to describe, but it’s a fun hybrid. Mensch that he is, Devine […]
  22. Watch Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Vibe It Out with the ‘Workaholics’ GuysHere’s a new clip from Workaholics, in which Seth Rogen and Zac Efron interview to become the guys’ new cubicle neighbor (to promote their […]
  23. Talking to Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse About Their Comedy Central […]Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse’s Comedy Central web series Idiotsitter wraps up this week, with the series possibly seeing its odd couple […]
  24. Watch the ‘Workaholics’ Guys’ Season 4 ‘Game of Thrones’ Audition Reel Now this is Game of Thrones as I understand it – incest, boobs, meat puns, fighting, boobs, characters named Dong Dangletaint – but I think […]
  25. Talking to the ‘Workaholics’ Guys About the New SeasonSince premiering in 2011, Workaholics has picked up more and more steam as one of today’s most smartly written shows starring some of TV’s […]
  26. Watch the ‘Workaholics’ Guys Sing an Ode to Best Friends The Workaholics guys stopped by Conan last night, and after a bit of a spat involving Adam DeVine’s role in Pitch Perfect and beautiful […]
  27. across the streaming-verse
    How to Catch Up on 2013’s TV EssentialsWatch Adventure Time. But also watch Breaking Bad already.
  28. Comedy Central Renews ‘Adam DeVine’s House Party’ for Season 2Comedy Central has renewed its newest standup show, Adam DeVine’s House Party. The network has given a second season order to the series, which […]
  29. This Week in Comedy: A Movie from the ‘Workaholics’ Guys, and Damon Wayans […]-Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are producing a movie that the guys from Workaholics will write and star in. -Damon Wayans Jr. returned to New […]
  30. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg Are Producing a Movie with the ‘Workaholics’ […]Seth Rogen’s production company Point Grey is teaming up with legendary producer Scott Rudin to produce a movie that will star […]
  31. Talking to Adam DeVine About ‘Workaholics’, His New Show, and the Joys of […]While one would think there’s not much left for somebody to accomplish after popularizing the phrase “tight butthole,” Adam DeVine’s career is […]
  32. Adam DeVine from ‘Workaholics’ to Be a Recurring Guest Star on ‘Modern […]Following appearances on Community and Arrested Development, Workaholics star/co-creator Adam DeVine is set to guest star on another big TV […]
  33. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Workaholics’ Season 3The slackers of TelAmeriCorp are back with the third season of Workaholics, available on DVD and Blu-Ray this week! Season three of the hit […]
  34. Talking to Erik Griffin About ‘The Half Hour’, ‘Workaholics’, and Visual […]For the past 15 years, Comedy Central’s half hour specials have showcased the future stars of standup. Looking back, the early years of Comedy […]
  35. chat room
    Anders Holm on Pretend-Dating Mindy Kaling, Godlessness, and Nudity“I’m either shirtless or naked for the rest of the Mindy episodes.”
  36. ‘Workaholics’ Star Adam DeVine Is Hosting a New Stand-Up Show for Comedy […] Comedy Central has a new stand-up series on the way. Titled Adam DeVine’s House Party, the show will be hosted by comedian Adam DeVine, who […]
  37. job audit
    Workaholics’ Adam DeVine Shares His Real-Life Work History“I climbed inside our deli’s rotisserie machine and scrubbed it with woolen steel.”
  38. last night on late night
    Allison Williams Obituary As Read by Her DadPlus: Heidi Klum danced on Jay Leno’s desk, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  39. Talking to the ‘Workaholics’ Guys About Writing Smartly for Dumb […]Contrary to what you might think, it takes a lot of talent to portray idiocy. It takes genius to do so week in and week out on one of the […]
  40. young adults
    Workaholics Made an Amazing Hatchet JokePlease make a Lois Lowry joke next.
  41. Comedy Central Picks Up ‘Drunk History’ to Series and Renews ‘Workaholics’ […]Comedy Central is turning Drunk History, Funny or Die’s popular series of web videos, into a full-on TV series. The cable network has ordered […]
  42. workaholia
    Which Actors Will Be Ubiquitous in 2013? (For Once, Not Jessica Chastain)Get ready to see a lot of Kristen Wiig.
  43. chat room
    Adam DeVine on Pitch Perfect and His AD Cameo“I’ve got talent oozing out of my pores.”
  44. Jason Bateman Got Scolded for Leaking ‘Arrested Development’ InfoThere has been a constant leak of everything and anything that has to do with the upcoming season of Arrested Development and we’ve eaten it […]
  45. Workaholics Gets A Third Season Of WorkGet your staplers and paper clips out! Now put them away and go home and watch Workaholics because it’s coming back for a third season.
  46. Comedy Central Renews Workaholics For a Second SeasonWorkaholics has been doing well on Comedy Central, with ratings holding steady since the premiere and increasing for the latest episode. That […]
  47. Workaholics: Responsibilities for the IrresponsibleTo paraphrase Homer Simpson, the three leads on Comedy Central’s new series, Workaholics, just can’t live without workahol. By that I mean they […]