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  1. ratings
    Women’s World Cup Soccer Final Scores 14 Million ViewersDespite the early start time for many viewers, the title match delivered big.
  2. sports page
    Pussy Riot Says They Were Behind the World Cup Final DisruptionFour people ran onto the field during the second half.
  3. this week in late night
    Late Night Coverage of the World Cup, RankedRanking the five hottest takes on the U.S.’s coldest interest.
  4. World Cup 2018: An Exhaustive List of Reasons to Root for Each TeamSoccer fans, international diplomats, and one MLS player explain why you, an American, should root for their favorite team.
  5. music
    The New World Cup Song Is Here and So Is Will SmithThis is the closest we’ll get to being part of the action, America, so live it up!
  6. Triumph Wraps Up His World Cup Coverage by Humping a Dog From Every Country Triumph wrapped up his three-part World Cup coverage last night the only way he really could - by humping every type of dog he could possibly […]
  7. Will Ferrell Gave a Pep Talk to US Soccer Fans in Brazil, Offered to Join […] The US is set to take on Germany in the World Cup very shortly down in Brazil, and it looks like they have a secret weapon on their side: Will […]
  8. Reggie Watts Has Joined Peter Serafinowicz for His World Cup Broadcasting“And looks like an almost goal. If that whole goal system would have been moved over maybe thirty more feet, we would have been looking at a […]
  9. John Oliver Attempts to Distinguish Real from Fake Soccer Player NamesGQ recently sat down with John Oliver and presented him with a list of ridiculous World Cup player names to see whether he could pick out the […]
  10. Peter Serafinowicz Does Wonderful World Cup CommentaryComedian Peter Serafinowicz (Look Around You, Running Wilde) has been providing live commentary on recent World Cup matches via his account on […]
  11. A Brief Survey of 2014’s Many Weird World Cup SongsBoth the official and the … less official.
  12. abc
    Will the World Cup Final Be the Most-Watched Event Ever?In any case, it’ll be an enormous ratings spike for ABC.
  13. music
    Watch the Video for R. Kelly’s Uplifting World Cup Anthem, ‘Sign of a Victory’As always, let’s achieve anything, including the impossible!
  14. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Adam Sandler’s Dating Advice for His 4-Year-Old DaughterPlus, native Brooklyn boys Chris Rock and Jimmy Kimmel discuss how one smuggles illegal contraband into the City, on our regular late-night roundup.
  15. music
    See Weezer’s World Cup Video, ‘Represent’USA! USA!
  16. movies
    It’s Lord of the Rings, But Now With More VuvuzelaThe vuvuzela wreaks havoc in Middle Earth.
  17. movies
    Hitler Reacts to the VuvuzelaHitler, like many others, is no great fan of the endlessly droning South African trumpet.
  18. music
    Hear Weezer’s World Cup Anthem, ‘Represent’USA!
  19. money
    K’Naan Has Poor Grasp on Meaning of the Word ‘Integrity’“This was a really great opportunity for them to use my song, without compromising my integrity as a musician.”
  20. right-click
    Prepare to Hear Shakira’s New Song Far Too OftenSee the video!
  21. right-click
    R. Kelly Classes Up the World CupHis new official anthem for the World Cup is here, and it is awesome.