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World Records

  1. quarantuning
    This Rapper Just Broke the Record for the World’s Longest FreestyleOver 24 hours in, Watsky’s run has been an absurdist stream of consciousness aided by coffee-table books, a Scrabble dictionary, and fan shoutouts.
  2. comrade speedster britney
    Britney Spears Is Not Actually Faster Than Usain BoltBritney previously implied she ran a 100-meter dash in 5.97 seconds.
  3. $$$$
    Leonardo da Vinci Painting Sold at Auction for Record-Breaking $450.3 MillionMarketed as “The Last da Vinci,” Salvator Mundi was the last known painting by the master in a private collection.
  4. impersonations
    Key and Peele Attempt to Break Impressions World RecordWho knew so many celebs said, “I’m going to smoke some weed”?
  5. impressive things
    Betty White Officially Has the ‘Longest TV Career for an Entertainer’74 years is quite a feat.
  6. world records
    Dude’s Biceps Are Bigger Than Your HeadSee the world’s biggest arms!
  7. books
    Behold the Comic Book That Sold for $1 Million at AuctionWho is this millionaire hypernerd?