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  1. the streaming wars
    Most Algorithmic Tom Hanks Dad Film Ever to Premiere on AppleTV+World War II? Check. A bunch of ships? Check.
  2. casting
    Dakota and Elle Fanning to Finally Play Sisters Onscreen in The NightingaleSisters of a feather flock together.
  3. trailer mix
    Terrence Malick Avoids War in A Hidden Life TrailerThe drama follows an Austrian farmer who refuses to fight for the Nazis.
  4. oscars 2019
    How the Oscars Went Austere for World War IIAfter nearly canceling the 1942 ceremony, the Oscars took a less-than-glamorous approach throughout the war — including issuing plaster trophies.
  5. explainers
    A Clueless American’s Guide to the Battle of DunkirkExplaining the evacuation at the heart of Christopher Nolan’s latest.
  6. party chat
    Joss Whedon on His New WW II Film and Trump“I feel like the parallels are horrifying.”
  7. hanks vs pitt
    Who Did More to Win World War II, Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks?Pitt’s new film Allied raises the question: Who is our greatest onscreen World War II hero?
  8. trailer mix
    Brad Pitt Spies for Love in the Allied TrailerWWII makes it so much harder to trust your spouse.
  9. chat room
    Matthew Rhys on His Dream Americans Ending“I became a double agent and ultimately Elizabeth becomes a triple agent.”
  10. war movies
    Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie Is a WWII FilmHis next movie will be called Dunkirk.
  11. sequential art
    How Mickey Mouse Fought World War IICartooning’s legacy of wartime collaboration.
  12. books
    Everything You Need to Know About Patrick Modiano, the Newest Nobel LaureateThe French novelist is relatively obscure outside his home country.
  13. casting couch
    Brad Pitt May Star in a WWII Romantic ThrillerThis just might be his masterpiece.
  14. across the streaming-verse
    Best of Streaming: World War II Mission MoviesA Burt Lancaster actioner and a documentary about the Monuments Men.
  15. I Can’t Believe We Built That Time Machine and Then Forgot to Kill Hitler, […]Look guys, I don’t want to come off as a whiner here. You know me, I’m not one to complain unduly. But something’s been on my mind, and I think […]
  16. Watch Bill Murray in the Trailer for George Clooney’s WWII Drama ‘The […] Here’s the trailer for George Clooney’s new World War II drama The Monuments Men that, most importantly, co-stars Bill Murray and you can see […]
  17. george clooney
    George Clooney Heading to WWII to Save Art From HitlerHe’ll direct and co-star in The Monuments Men.