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World War Z

  1. the industry
    World War Z 2 Loses Its Director (Due to Scheduling, Not a Zombie Attack)World War Z: The Squeakquel.
  2. trailer mix
    World War Z Trailer: Brad Pitt Versus the Walking DeadSo many zombies.
  3. the industry
    Brad Pitt Is Not Talking to His World War Z Director As they head into reshoots with an unclear game plan, Marc Forster must relay his notes through an intermediary.
  4. trouble on set
    Zombies Aren’t the Only Trouble Facing Brad Pitt’s World War ZDon’t hold your breath for that trilogy.
  5. movies
    Damon Lindelof Rewriting World War Z ReshootsThe Brad Pitt zombie movie is getting a major overhaul.
  6. chat room
    The Killing’s Mireille Enos on the Backlash, the Emmy Nod, and All the Gum Chewing “My jaw gets so tight.”
  7. rumors
    Brad Pitt’s World War Z Could Maybe Be a TrilogySays a guy.
  8. movies
    Brad Pitt’s World War Z Raided by Real-Life SWAT TeamAnd all their movie weapons were confiscated.
  9. the most important people in the world
    Brad Pitt Is Also a Hero!The ‘World War Z’ star saved an extra from a trampling.
  10. exclusive
    Matthew Fox and Ed Harris Are Out of World War ZScheduling conflicts, and now the Brad Pitt zombie movie has to scramble.
  11. casting
    The Killing Stars Land Big-Screen RolesMireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman get promotions.
  12. zombies
    Brad Pitt Signs On for Zombie MovieDon’t worry, he won’t be playing the zombie.
  13. the industry
    Clint Eastwood to See Dead PeoplePlus: Ben Silverman gives Hilary Duff a show!