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  1. tours
    Bad Bunny Announces New 2022 World Tour at Wrestlemania 37With a little help from Triple H.
  2. wrestlemania
    Watch Logan Paul Take a Stunner During Wrestlemania 37 Night TwoFollowing in the footsteps of our nation’s 45th president.
  3. wrestlemania 2021
    Of Course Bad Bunny Will Wrestle at Wrestlemania This Year“I accept your challenge, bitch.”
  4. theater review
    WrestleMania Broke MeDispatches from two full nights of WrestleContent.
  5. wrestlemania 36
    John Cena Wrestled a Puppet at WrestleMania This Year… and LostTo be fair, it was a very disturbing puppet.
  6. wrestlemania 36
    Rob Gronkowski Hosts, Wins WrestleMania 24/7 ChampionshipYou know, more hosts should be allowed to win their respective gigs.
  7. wrestlemania
    WrestleMania Set to Stream Live With No AudienceThe event was also moved to Orlando.
  8. theater of the absurd
    Professional Wrestling Without an Audience Is Avant-garde TheaterWrestleMania is going on without crowds thanks to coronavirus, but the intensity remains.
  9. heels
    SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che Were Big Losers at WrestleMania 35“I feel like maybe this path wasn’t meant to be for us.”
  10. wrestlemania
    Someone Tackled Bret Hart at His WWE Hall of Fame InductionBret “the Hitman” Hart should no longer be hit. Please don’t do it.
  11. last night on late night
    Fallon Has the WWE Superstars Fighting Like ChildrenThere’s a lot of butt talk in this one.
  12. wrestlemania
    SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che to Compete at WrestleMania 35The pair will take part in this year’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
  13. wrestling
    SNL’s Colin Jost Gets Voluntarily Choked Out to Get You Hyped for WWE RawBoth Jost and Michael Che will also reportedly serve as “special guest correspondents” for WrestleMania 35.
  14. John Cena, The Miz, and the Prophetic Comedy of ‘Total Bullshit’ Record-tying sixteen-time World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and comedy role model John Cena made headlines this weekend when he took a […]
  15. congrats
    John Cena Brought the Romance and the Rock (a Diamond Rock) to WrestleMania 33Cena proposed to fellow WWE star Nikki Bella.
  16. glorious returns
    Dwayne Johnson Will Return to Grip of WrestleMania Again Next YearBeing held in Dallas on April 3.
  17. The Complete Guide to Everything: WrestlingThis week’s episode begins with the disappointment that Tim and Tom were unable to attend this year’s Wrestlemania and the full intention of […]
  18. stunts
    Mickey Rourke Ram Jams Publicist’s Advice, Does Battle at WrestleManiaThis is the biggest thing since Thunderlips took on Rocky Balboa.
  19. mickey rourke
    WrestleMania to Get Ram-Jammed After All?He’ll definitely be at WrestleMania, says a WWE spokesperson.
  20. news reel
    Vulture Exclusive: Mickey Rourke’s Oscar Date Revealed! Also, He Might Not Do Iron Man 2?But there’s good news — he’ll still be at WrestleMania!
  21. heartbreak
    Mickey Rourke’s WrestleMania Dreams Ram-Jammed by Oscar-Minded Publicist“Mickey was very honored to be asked as he has the greatest respect for WWE however he will not be participating in Wrestle-Mania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career.”
  22. kudos
    Mickey Rourke’s Oscar Hopes Continue to FadeWhile his chances at WWE glory continue to rise.