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  1. oh no
    David Arquette Cut Badly and Left Bloody in L.A. Wrestling Death Match“Turns out Death Matches aren’t my thing.”
  2. fashion du jour
    How GLOW Season Two Made Its Flashiest ’80s CostumesThe Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling got makeovers this year.
  3. it's important to glisten
    Everything Riverdale’s Wrestling Episode Taught Us About WrestlingA GIF guide.
  4. Inside the Weird but Wonderful World of Comedy WrestlingIf you have ever found yourself at the UCB Theatre in Chelsea at 11:00pm on a Thursday night, you’ve probably witnessed a comedy wrestling […]
  5. What GLOW Gets Right About Pro WrestlingThe Netflix series faithfully portrays how wrestling leagues appeal to fans.
  6. Because You’ve Always Been Curious What Alison Brie’s Wrestling Name Would Be▶️ “When she’s in the ring she just goes and goes. There’s no end in sight!”
  7. Talking Wrestling and Comedy with ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase Ted DiBiase is one of the most memorable performers in the history of professional wrestling – not just because of his legendary abilities […]
  8. first looks
    Which First-Look Photo From Netflix’s GLOW Is the Most ’80s?Alison Brie is working that spandex.
  9. John Cena, The Miz, and the Prophetic Comedy of ‘Total Bullshit’ Record-tying sixteen-time World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and comedy role model John Cena made headlines this weekend when he took a […]
  10. Colt Cabana on Comedy Wrestling, ‘The Chris Gethard Show’, and His New […] Colt Cabana is a true alt comedian, but instead of plaid, he wears spandex. Aside from his own Art of Wrestling podcast, he’s guested on WTF, […]
  11. here's what's cooking
    The Rock and Will Ferrell Are Tag-Teaming a Wrestling Pilot at FoxCan you smell what they’re cooking? It’s a TV show. That’s what a TV show smells like.
  12. Dwayne Johnson, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay Are Developing a Wrestling […]Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is turning his real-life experiences as a wrestler into a new comedy at Fox. According to Variety, the network has […]
  13. the sports section
    Billy Corgan Smashes His Relationship With TNA Wresting, Sues OwnersThe wrestling world is a vampire, too, apparently.
  14. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts on Wrestling, Comedy, and His ‘Unspoken Word Tour’ Even if your older brother wasn’t into ‘90s pro wrestling, you’ve probably heard of Jake “The Snake” Roberts. It’s hard to miss a […]
  15. the sports section
    Smashing News: Billy Corgan Is the New President of TNA WrestlingThis guy can’t be tamed.
  16. Why Do So Many Comedians Love Pro Wrestling? As John Cena roasted the sports world at the ESPY Awards this week, many of you may have been wondering, “What’s the guy from Trainwreck […]
  17. show-offs
    John Cena Speaks Mandarin Like a (Semi-)Pro他中文说得还不错!
  18. that's a lot of hamm
    Watch Jon Hamm in the Strangest Wrestling MatchJon Hamm has been having a lot of fun post–Mad Men.
  19. So, Uh, Mr. Belding Is a Wrestler NowJessie Spano would not approve!
  20. gorgeous ladies of wrestling
    Watch a Trailer for the Documentary Glow: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling“It was a very surreal place to be.” Get outta here!
  21. obits
    Wrestler ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage Is DeadHe was 58.
  22. clickables
    Watch a Professional Japanese Kid Wrestler Totally Dominate His Adult OpponentsHe is awesome.
  23. snooki monster
    Snooki, Professional WrestlerSnooks appeared on ‘WWE Raw,’ with predictably ridiculous results.
  24. head locks
    WWE Network Coming to a TV Near YouAll wrestling, all the time.
  25. books
    Times Gives TMI Alert on Hulk Hogan’s New AutobiographyThe Hulk is an oversharer, it seems.
  26. divas
    Despite All His Rage, Billy Corgan’s Still Just a Rat in a Steel-Cage MatchWho would’ve ever thought Billy Corgan would get involved in professional wrestling?
  27. stunts
    Mickey Rourke Ram Jams Publicist’s Advice, Does Battle at WrestleManiaThis is the biggest thing since Thunderlips took on Rocky Balboa.
  28. Can Norman Lear’s Wrestling Show Save HBO?A series about a family wrestling business in the seventies is really about a post-Bush world without heroes.