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  1. the vulture transcript
    Marc Maron Insists His Podcast Isn’t ‘Therapy’“Why would someone say that? Is it therapy or is it just talking about being human?”
  2. Marc Maron On Getting People to Talk About ‘Real Things’“The bottom line is, people don’t talk about real things because they don’t think that other people have the capacity to carry their burden but […]
  3. Maron Talks about Drugs and Conversation in a Red Chair Man, that red chair is magic. It basically boiled down the 289 episodes and around 3000 minutes worth of Marc Maron’s stream of consciousness […]
  4. Jay Mohr Starts Beef, Pete Holmes Wonders ‘Who Charted?’, Danny McBride in […]What’s everyone’s plan for Memorial Day? Wearing white? Watching Men In Black? It’s a black and white weekend. Here’s an idea: bring a couple […]
  5. This Week in Comedy PodcastsGood news: April showers bring May podcasts. Or something about podcasts going in your ears like lambs, because they are soft and nice, and out […]
  6. Who Is Matt Graham?(To the tune of the theme from Shaft:) Who’s the comedian Louis C.K. and Janeane Garofalo thought would be famous in Boston in the 80s? […]
  7. This Week in Comedy PodcastsThis space is usually reserved for some A-Class shoehorning of a current event into the world of podcasts. Instead, I wanted to earnestly state […]
  8. Todd Glass Comes Out on an Incredibly Moving Episode of WTF with Marc MaronTodd Glass was on WTFpod yesterday, where he publicly came out and proceeded to have a fascinating, honest discussion with Maron about his own […]
  9. A Statistical Examination of the Introduction to the WTF with Marc Maron […]After the clip-and-music driven intro to almost every WTF with Marc Maron podcast, the show’s host introduces himself and welcomes his […]
  10. WTF With Marc Maron Is Now On My Damn ChannelWTF with Marc Maron has a My Damn Channel channel now. If unchecked, this development may lead to more backstage videos with funny podcast […]
  11. Chris Rock Reminisces About ‘Leather Suit, Elvis Eddie Murphy’ Oh boy, this week’s episode of WTF is gonna be good. In this clip, Chris Rock starts to tell Marc Maron what it was like running into Eddie […]
  12. Marc Maron to Interview Comedy Fans’ Favorite Dramedians Next WeekGood news for AMC fans: Marc Maron will be releasing WTFPod episodes featuring Jon Hamm on Monday and Bryan Cranston on Thursday. Should be […]
  13. Marc Maron’s Comedy Pilot Deserves Its Enthusiastic Initial ResponseMarc Maron’s indie pilot was screened Tuesday at the New York Television Festival, and yours truly happened to be in attendance. The show, […]
  14. This Week in Comedy PodcastsAnother week, another iPod completely stocked with audio jewels and gems from some of the best comic talent around. Well done, everybody! Long […]
  15. Marc Maron on Relating To Other Comics: ‘It’s like a first-date for […]At its best, hearing  Marc Maron talk about WTF is like reading a prickly, cat-haired covered Valentine to his fellow comedians. “As a comic, […]
  16. Marc Maron Discusses His New Pilot Say what you want about Marc Maron, but no other person alive today makes comedians seem like more like philosopher-kings. “I’m interested in […]
  17. Guests We’d Love to Hear on Marc Maron’s WTF PodcastWTF with Marc Maron has become one of the most popular comedy podcasts in existence and deservedly so. Maron’s deep, probing interviews offer […]
  18. Amy Poehler on WTF: Sketch vs Stand-Up, Del Close and Being a Woman In […] As is usually the case with Marc Maron’s show, the best part of Amy Poehler’s WTF episode is the vaguely antagonist relationship that is […]
  19. Marc Maron Shot an Autobiographical Pilot About Life as a Comedy PodcasterOn today’s WTF with Marc Maron (featuring Amy Poehler!), Marc announced that he’s recently shot a pilot of a TV show based on his life as a […]
  20. Marc Maron: Better Living Through Podcasting Backstage’s profile of WTF with Marc Maron is laid out according to AA’s twelve steps program espoused by AA, which seems just the right […]
  21. Wonderful: Fozzie Bear on WTF with Marc MaronThis cartoon by Skottie Young is pretty much perfect. He’s selling the original drawing, too, if you’re interested. Own something that will […]
  22. Comedy Buddha Garry Shandling Soothes WTF With Marc MaronWhile Garry Shandling’s WTF with Marc Maron episode obviously covers his career from Sanford And Son to The Larry Sanders Show, as well as the […]
  23. WTF with Marc Maron Comes to Public RadioWTF with Marc Maron, the super-popular comedy podcast, is set to be exposed to a whole new audience thanks to the efforts of The Sound of Young […]
  24. Marc Maron on Defiance, Intimacy and the Creative Mindset of Celine DionIf you’ve ever heard his podcast before, you can imagine the kind of emotionally incisive musings you’re going to find in Marc Maron’s Vice […]
  25. Conan O’Brien On WTF With Marc Maron: Taking Risks, Don Knotts And The […]On today’s excellent WTF with Marc Maron, Conan O’Brien discusses his “grim” childhood, the long saga of late night and the deep-down Catholic […]
  26. Marc Maron Welcomes Conan O’Brien to the WTF PodcastNext week’s episode of the WTF Podcast should be a good one: Marc Maron welcomes Conan O’Brien to the Cat Ranch. Maron has a way of getting […]
  27. Gallagher’s Manager: ‘I respect what Marc was trying to do, but he did it […]Yesterday’s most entertaining comedian was Gallagher, but not for any jokes he was telling. After a disastrous interview on Marc Maron’s […]
  28. Marc Maron Gets Conan to Agree to Do WTF, Tells a Mildly Upsetting Story Last night, Marc Maron, standup and host of the wonderful WTF Podcast, was on Conan. He ended up telling a long, somewhat disturbing story […]