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  1. the jukebox
    One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Debuts Solo Song Days After His Mother’s DeathIt’s called “Just Hold On.”
  2. explainers
    Who the Heck Are Fifth Harmony, and Why Are Teens Obsessed With Them?The girl group released their first album this week. 
  3. you’re fired
    Khloe Kardashian Won’t Be Returning to The X FactorMore Mario Lopez!?
  4. lawsuits
    Ex-Judge Cheryl Cole Sues X Factor She wants $2.3 million. 
  5. x factor
    TMZ: Khloé, Mario Lopez Confirmed for X FactorAs expected.
  6. close reads
    Britney Watch: How Did Her First X Factor Go?Unusual faces ahead!
  7. it’s britney!
    Britney Explains the Latest X Factor Walkout“I was just following Demi.”
  8. accidents
    Accident During The X Factor Finale Injures 3 StagehandsA stair riser unhinged, knocking two crew members in the head and one in the elbow.
  9. last night on late night
    Paula Abdul Walked Off Stage, Then Sat on Simon Cowell’s LapPlus: Scarlett Johansson believes her nude photo leak is part of a global media conspiracy, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  10. lady gaga
    Watch Lady Gaga Sing From Inside a Beheaded CorpseOn The X Factor UK, Lady Gaga performed “Marry the Night” from inside what appeared to be a very tall woman’s dead body, post-guillotine.
  11. X-Factor Pushes New Girl Back to NovemberChaos reigns! Less than a month into the show’s run, Fox is preempting New Girl for more X-Factor time, expanding Simon Cowell’s creation from […]
  12. ratings
    Premiere Week Ratings: Modern Family Wins the NightIt even bested ‘X Factor.’
  13. ratings
    X Factor Does Well, But Not That Well, in RatingsTwelve million people watched.
  14. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Demi Lovato Doesn’t Know a Lick of SpanishPlus: Paula Abdul has an awkward interview with David Letterman, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Nicole Scherzinger Calls Conan Out for Zoning Out on Her BoobsPlus: Ryan Gosling has always wanted to be a Halloween character, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  16. advice
    Vulture’s Career Advice for Cheryl ColeWe plot Cheryl’s post–’X Factor’ comeback.
  17. x factor
    Paula Abdul’s In at X Factor“I can’t believe I am saying this — I have missed her a lot.”
  18. x factor
    Simon Cowell Is Giving Up CokePepsi will sponsor his new show.
  19. the industry
    Industry: Dan Brown to Write The Lost Symbol ScriptPlus: Billy Baldwin returns to ‘Gossip Girl.’
  20. x factor
    Simon Cowell Bans Auto-Tune From X FactorIt’s part of his “What Would Jay-Z Do?” life outlook.
  21. x factor
    Simon Cowell’s X Factor Admits To Auto-TuningAmerican version of the show due in 2011.
  22. simonpocalypse
    Is One of These Moguls American Idol’s New Simon?When Simon Cowell splits from ‘American Idol’ at the end of this season to launch a U.S.-based ‘X Factor’ in 2011, he’ll leave some pretty low-cut shirts to fill.
  23. evil geniuses
    Simon Cowell Wants to Bring X Factor Via Pay-Per-View to a Computer Near YouDon’t go underestimating Cowell.
  24. comebacks
    Whitney Houston’s British Comeback Felled by Faulty FashionSadly, that wasn’t the worst part of her performance of “Million Dollar Bill.”
  25. exit strategies
    Simon Cowell May Be Quitting American Idol for Real This Time, PossiblyRupert Murdoch better start preparing to empty his pocketbooks.