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  1. strong female leads
    As an Old Crone Who Wants to Bone, I Am Empowered by Ti West’s XOld Crone Rights.
  2. chat room
    Jenna Ortega on Returning to You and Twisting the Good Christian Girl Trope in X“I think I’m most comfortable when I’m running and screaming for my life.”
  3. movie review
    Sex Gets You Killed in Horror Movies, But the Slasher X Wants to Reexamine WhyTi West’s clever new film pits a porn shoot against the conservative clichés of the genre.
  4. more a24
    Ti West Is Saving a Slice for X Prequel PearlThe director co-wrote the followup to his A24 slasher with star Mia Goth.
  5. trailer mix
    Mia Goth Goes A24 Gorecore in Ti West’s XMeanwhile, back at the ranch …
  6. good one podcast
    Daniel Sloss Says the U.S. Has World’s Best 10% and Worst 75% of Stand-upsThe comedian joins Good One to chat about finding his own audience and what he’s learned performing internationally.
  7. charts
    Barbra Streisand Edges Out Chris Brown for No. 1Sorry, Chris.
  8. radio vulture
    Chris Brown’s X Is a Joyless Slog and Already Sounds Like a RelicAlso, what a terrible week to release a new Chris Brown album.