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Y The Last Man

  1. tv
    Friends Monkey Marcel Might Be in FX’s Y: The Last Man AdaptationKatie, the white-headed capuchin monkey and storied actress, has already filmed her part in the pilot.
  2. pilot orders
    FX Might Finally Make a Y: The Last Man AdaptationThe network ordered a pilot based on the comic series.
  3. Y: The Last Man Director Is NamedThe popular graphic novel will be directed by a first-time feature director.
  4. the industry
    Y: The Last Man Now One of New Line’s First PrioritiesThe studio may finally be getting around to making that feature-film version of the graphic novel.
  5. Shia LaBeouf Finally Meets a Potential Franchise He Doesn’t Like“It seems like he’s the ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation again.”
  6. the early-evening news
    Pot Smoker Nearly Ejected From Pot-Smoking Party for Pot-SmokingPlus: Shia LaBeouf is actually a hero! And is ‘Hair’ moving to Broadway?
  7. chat room
    ‘Lost’ and ‘Y: The Last Man’ Writer Brian K. Vaughan on Comics, Time Travel, and the Dharma SharkSo is there time travel in this season of Lost or not?
  8. the industry
    Drew Carey: Come on Down!Plus industry news on Y: The Last Man, Hot Ghetto Mess, and BAM’s Bridge Project.