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  1. The Darkest Minds Is a Largely Incoherent Teen DystopiaIt’s hard to know what to care about in the adaptation of Alexandra Bracken’s mutants-on-the-run YA novel.
  2. The 10 Best YA Books of 2017From historical fiction to stories about Tumblr fandom and Black Lives Matter.
  3. Kirkus Editor-in-Chief Explains Why They Altered That American Heart ReviewEarlier this week, the magazine pulled a review amid online criticism of the book.
  4. teens (who run the world)
    Chris Weitz Will Write His Own YA Novels NowTeens (Who Run the World).
  5. oops
    The National Book Awards, Accidental Nominations, and How Not to Handle MistakesSorry, we nominated you for a prestigious award by accident. Please withdraw to preserve our integrity.