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Year In Review 2014

  1. Sketch Anatomy: 2014 in ReviewThis year we launched a brand new column called Sketch Anatomy, in which we spoke with a dozen comedy writers and producers from shows like The […]
  2. The Long-Running Sitcoms We Lost in 2014Today, a sitcom making it to a second season is as notable as another return to Gilligan’s Island. Here, we pay tribute to some sitcoms we lost […]
  3. The Comedy Legends We Lost in 2014We lost several funny people of note in 2014, but the year was a real doozy for comedy legends in particular, including writer/directors, TV […]
  4. Saturday Night’s Children: 2014 in ReviewAfter three and a half years of highlighting the lives and work of SNL cast members, Saturday Night’s Children finally wrapped up its run on […]
  5. The 7 Best DIY-ish Comedy Albums of 2014This is a collection of the best comedy albums I heard this year that aren’t by like huge rich comics like Jim Gaffigan or Aziz Ansari. Not […]
  6. 2014’s Most Memorable Late Night MomentsIt’s been a truly momentous year for the late night talk show circuit with Letterman and Leno announcing their retirement from their longtime […]
  7. A Very Controversial Year in ComedyIt’s been a big year for comedy and an even bigger year for controversy. Heroes have fallen, debates have ignited and feet have been inserted […]
  8. The Year in InterviewsIn 2014, the Splitsider team did over 150 interviews to get the inside information about your favorite things in comedy. Here’s a collection of […]
  9. What I Learned from Another Year in the ArchivesThe Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  10. The Year in Comedy Podcasts2014. The year the podcast came back! What? Did it ever leave? Well, no. But with major ink from hoary old analog readers like New York […]
  11. The Best Comedy Directors of 2014As this column wraps up its first full year, I present the 1st Annual 2014 Comedy Film School Awards. These awards are determined by a voting […]
  12. The Definitive ‘Best Web Series of 2014’ ListYou’re going to see a lot of lists over the next 2 weeks. “Best of This” and “Best of That.” Everything you’ve consumed or thought about […]
  13. The 16 Best Comedy Books of 2014To add to your diet of comedy consumption which is likely already at critical mass, what with the comedy movies, sitcoms, sketch comedy shows, […]
  14. The Year in Comedy MoviesWhen I look back on the year in comedy movies, a few indelible images come to mind. The two-beat punch of Morgan Freeman introducing […]
  15. A Wild Year in Late Night2014 saw more changes in the world of late night than any other in recent memory. David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, and Stephen Colbert […]
  16. The 9 Best Standup Specials and Albums of 20142014 was a banner year for comedy of all stripes, including an incredible collection of standup specials and albums. While the year may have […]
  17. The Year in TV ComedyComedy was all over television in 2014 – just rarely on major networks. While the few bets networks made turned out to be bad, channels all […]