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  1. 2018 in review
    2018: When Asian-American Art Became Its Own GenreIs Asian-American art simply Asian-American creators making work? Or is there something intrinsically Asian-American about the work?
  2. 89 Film and TV Moments That Capture 2017A look back at the best visuals from the year.
  3. The Ten Best Comedy Series of 2017“Peak TV” and “Prestige Television” are lazy and lame labels for a number of reasons. For one, they’re cavernous, catch-all constructs that […]
  4. The Best ‘SNL’ Sketches and Moments of 2017Saturday Night Live entered 2017 with good ratings, millions of viral shares, and more momentum than it has had in years. Much of this upshot […]
  5. Brief Eulogies for the Sitcoms We Lost in 2017As 2017 draws to a close, we take a closer look at a few of the notable sitcoms that aired their final episodes in 2017. To some we say a […]
  6. The Year in Comedy PodcastsThroughout 2017, our trusty team of reviewers covered everything that happened in the world of comedy podcasts with nearly 50 weekly roundups. […]
  7. The Year in InterviewsThere was a lot to talk about in 2017, which is why we interviewed a record 200+ people from every corner of the comedy world. We heard from […]
  8. The 15 Funniest Twitter Accounts of 2017 Remember laughter? Hot Take: 2017 was Extremely Bad. There, glad we got that out the way. Sure, the president might be a racist […]
  9. Recapping the Year in Late NightThe field of late night television is more crowded than ever. Beyond the main five network hosts, the crowd of cable hosts is growing larger […]
  10. The Best Comedy Books of 2017 Do you like volumes of comic essays that you’ll end up reading entirely in one sitting? How about amusingly embarrassing memoirs, […]
  11. The Year in News2016 was an absolute nightmare, but thankfully comedy was there to keep us somewhat sane. From the world of television to movies, podcasts, web […]
  12. Check Out 2016’s Best Late Night Standup Sets Unless you spend all day in front of a DVR, you’re definitely missing a lot of great TV (like, for example, did you catch Conner O’Malley’s […]
  13. The Year in Interviews In 2016, we interviewed over 150 people from the comedy world, from established and rising standups to figures on or behind-the-scenes in […]
  14. The Comedy Luminaries We Lost in 2016 The verdict is in and 2016 was a real whopper of a year, one that’s felt more like the Twilight Zone or ever-so-slightly less intense episode […]
  15. The Year in Comedy PodcastsThere is no shortage of comedy podcasts. At their best, they do more than just make us laugh. Some of them at times can even feel like free […]
  16. How Comedy Dealt With the Shit Sandwich That Was 2016 Comedy is tragedy plus time. But in this abattoir of a year, there hasn’t been enough time between tragedies for the dang formula to work. […]
  17. The Best Comedy Books of 2016 Now what we’ve got here is an embarrassment of riches. There were so many truly funny books released this year, and funny books with […]
  18. The Second City Archives: 2015 in Review Our friends at Second City were very kind to us in 2015, having unearthed over 40 exclusive clips for us featuring some of the improv […]
  19. 6 Excellent Standup Albums You May Have Missed in 2015What’s the deal with these “Best Comedy Albums of the Year” lists, am I right? Wow: Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan, and Sarah Silverman? The 90s called […]
  20. The Year in Interviews In 2015, we interviewed over 150 people in the comedy world, from standups to writers to actors, artists, filmmakers, podcasters, and beyond. […]
  21. 2015: The Year Comedy Music Broke In late December 2015, like at the end of each calendar year, Barret Hansen, better known for nearly half a century as top-hatted madman Dr. […]
  22. The Best Web Videos of 2015So, these are web videos, and what have we done? Another year over, and a new one just begun. Or soon to begin, haha, and what better time to […]
  23. 45 of Our Favorite Late Night Clips of 20152015 was another big year in the world of late night. Jon Stewart and David Letterman both said farewell to their longtime late night posts […]
  24. 2015: The Year Women Took Over the Comedy Box OfficeIf there is one thing that stands out about movies in 2015, it is this: 2015 was the year women finally dominated the summer on screen. 2015 […]
  25. The Year in News From the world of television to movies, podcasts, web series, humor writing, and beyond, 2015 was another big year for comedy news. Whether […]
  26. The 10 Best Standup Specials and Albums of 2015 Of all the things to celebrate in comedy this year, the resilience and power of standup’s cherished documents – the album and the TV special […]
  27. The Year in Comedy Podcasts2015 was the year that comedy podcasts grew, crossed over and got the recognition they deserve. From a growing, yet niche part of the internet […]
  28. The Best and Most Interesting TV Comedy from 2015 2015 was a year of quantity, but it was also a year of quality: with Peak TV in full swing, there was not only a lot of TV comedy, there was […]
  29. Sketch Anatomy: 2014 in ReviewThis year we launched a brand new column called Sketch Anatomy, in which we spoke with a dozen comedy writers and producers from shows like The […]
  30. The Long-Running Sitcoms We Lost in 2014Today, a sitcom making it to a second season is as notable as another return to Gilligan’s Island. Here, we pay tribute to some sitcoms we lost […]
  31. The Comedy Legends We Lost in 2014We lost several funny people of note in 2014, but the year was a real doozy for comedy legends in particular, including writer/directors, TV […]
  32. Saturday Night’s Children: 2014 in ReviewAfter three and a half years of highlighting the lives and work of SNL cast members, Saturday Night’s Children finally wrapped up its run on […]
  33. The 7 Best DIY-ish Comedy Albums of 2014This is a collection of the best comedy albums I heard this year that aren’t by like huge rich comics like Jim Gaffigan or Aziz Ansari. Not […]
  34. 2014’s Most Memorable Late Night MomentsIt’s been a truly momentous year for the late night talk show circuit with Letterman and Leno announcing their retirement from their longtime […]
  35. A Very Controversial Year in ComedyIt’s been a big year for comedy and an even bigger year for controversy. Heroes have fallen, debates have ignited and feet have been inserted […]
  36. What I Learned from Another Year in the ArchivesThe Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  37. The Year in Comedy Podcasts2014. The year the podcast came back! What? Did it ever leave? Well, no. But with major ink from hoary old analog readers like New York […]
  38. The Best Comedy Directors of 2014As this column wraps up its first full year, I present the 1st Annual 2014 Comedy Film School Awards. These awards are determined by a voting […]
  39. The Definitive ‘Best Web Series of 2014’ ListYou’re going to see a lot of lists over the next 2 weeks. “Best of This” and “Best of That.” Everything you’ve consumed or thought about […]
  40. The 16 Best Comedy Books of 2014To add to your diet of comedy consumption which is likely already at critical mass, what with the comedy movies, sitcoms, sketch comedy shows, […]
  41. The Year in Comedy MoviesWhen I look back on the year in comedy movies, a few indelible images come to mind. The two-beat punch of Morgan Freeman introducing […]
  42. A Wild Year in Late Night2014 saw more changes in the world of late night than any other in recent memory. David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, and Stephen Colbert […]
  43. The 9 Best Standup Specials and Albums of 20142014 was a banner year for comedy of all stripes, including an incredible collection of standup specials and albums. While the year may have […]
  44. The Year in TV ComedyComedy was all over television in 2014 – just rarely on major networks. While the few bets networks made turned out to be bad, channels all […]
  45. The Year In InterviewsIn 2013, we interviewed over 170 standups, writers, actors, directors, podcasters, and producers about their projects, how they got started in […]
  46. The Year in Comedy PodcastsIt’s been a few years since the big comedy podcast boom of 2009/2010, but the medium is continuing to be popular. 2013 was a year that saw the […]
  47. 45 Comedy Things We’re Looking Forward to in 20142014 is poised to be an especially exciting year in comedy with a whole shit-ton of high-profile movies, shows, standup specials, books, web […]
  48. 10 Funny People We Lost in 2013With another year past, the comedy industry was forced to say goodbye to many talented people. Most of us can only dream about accomplishing […]
  49. A Comedy-Filled Year in TVThere’s never been more comedy on TV than there was in 2013. With several channels amping up their comedy programming, an explosion of new […]
  50. The Year in Comedy Movies: A Few High Points in an Otherwise Disappointing […]Let’s just get this out of the way: 2013 was a crummy year for comedy films. A passing glance over the Golden Globe nominees for Best Comedy or […]
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