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  1. yandhi
    Kanye Reveals Drop Date for Yandhi, His Rumored Sequel/Companion to YeezusWest also announced the name of a separate collaboration with Chance the Rapper while in Chicago.
  2. missed opportunities
    Here’s What Kanye’s Yeezus Vinyl Would’ve Looked LikeVery minimalist. Very chic.
  3. kanye west
    A Life of Pablo–Inspired Re-Review of Yeezus“Isn’t pop music created with repetition in mind?”
  4. A Timeline of Everything We Know About Kanye’s Next AlbumThere are a lot of clues out there. 
  5. A Christmas-Themed Parody of Kanye’s Yeezus for You and Your FamilyThe entire album.
  6. rants
    Kanye Responds to Wheelchair IncidentAnother epic Yeezus rant for the books.
  7. the holy mountain
    Kanye West Had Tarot Cards Read, Has a ‘Beautiful, Child-Like Soul’“The meeting with Kanye West was very nice.”
  8. yeezus
    Kanye Is Releasing a Yeezus Film in TheatersDirected by Hype Williams.
  9. praise yeezus
    The Yeezus Tour Will ContinueHe just added nine more dates.
  10. why did that happen?
    Watch Kanye Sing a Glorious Tribute to Michael Jordan“We should’ve never ever let Michael Jordan play for the Wizards.” Repeat.
  11. year in culture 2013
    Celebrating the Year in Kanye WestThe year’s hardest-working celebrity.
  12. radio vulture
    Rosen on Kanye’s Yeezus Show at Barclays CenterThe 60-foot LED screen stole the show. Sorry, Jesus.
  13. music
    How Kanye Fixed His Broken 60-Foot Screen and Saved the Yeezus Tour Extreme TV repair.
  14. updates
    The Yeezus Tour Will Resume Next SaturdayIn Philly.
  15. yeezus
    Kanye Postponed Another Two ConcertsIn Chicago.
  16. delays
    Kanye Had to Postpone Another Yeezus ShowBecause of “production logistics.”
  17. last night on late night
    Kanye Did ‘Bound 2’ on Fallon With the Roots and a Children’s ChoirIt was all very professional.
  18. tours
    Kanye and Kendrick Are Going on TourGreat!
  19. the charts
    J. Cole Has the No. 1 Album (Because Jay-Z’s Sales Don’t Count Yet)And Born Sinner has officially outsold Yeezus.
  20. videology
    What Exactly Is Going on With Kanye’s ‘Black Skinhead’ Video?Very computery.
  21. opinions
    Lou Reed Really Liked Yeezus“It works because it’s beautiful.”
  22. magna kanye holy yeezus
    Jay-Z Announces Grail Guests, Kanye Has a SingleHova’s new song “BBC” features Beyoncé, JT, Nas, and more.
  23. definitely maybe
    Rick Rubin Says Yeezus 2 Is Not Out of the Realm of Possibility“Maybe this is two albums. Maybe this is just the first half.”
  24. the charts
    Yeezus Is No. 1, But It’s Kanye’s Weakest Debut EverHe sold more than J. Cole, though.
  25. jesus talks
    ‘Black Skinhead’ Almost Got Cut From YeezusAccording to the oral history.
  26. vulture lists
    Yeezus Lives: 30 Albums to Try If You Like the New Kanye WestWant to darken your summer with sleek techno, aggressive hip-hop, and a little dancehall?
  27. feelings
    Turns Out It Is Still Possible to Feel Sorry for KanyeJay-Z “Big Brothers” him again.
  28. jesus talks
    Does Kanye West Think He’s God? Or Has He Given Up on God?The journey from “Jesus Walks” to “I Am a God.”
  29. listening time
    Here Are All the Yeezus Samples, If You Are So InclinedHandy.
  30. radio vulture
    Rosen on Kanye West’s Yeezus: The Least Sexy Album of 2013With Kanye, it’s always more is more. More politics, more ego, more outrage. More croissants.
  31. yeezus
    See Kanye West Quotes As Spiritual PostersLet us play.
  32. coincidence?
    Kanye’s Chewbacca Suit Probably Looks Something Like ThisWe predicted this!
  33. hurry up with my damn croissants
    Twitter’s Favorite Lines From the Yeezus LeakY’all love to tweet lyrics, don’t you?
  34. this is just ridiculous
    Amazing Quotes From Kanye’s Times InterviewNo surprise, they’re also the most tweeted.
  35. alternate history
    James Franco Is Kanye’s Ideal American PsychoBut Scott Disick got the part instead.
  36. oh come all 'ye faithful
    Yeezus Has a Few Daft Punk Tracks, More Bon IverThere was a listening party on Monday night.
  37. previews
    Kanye Played Three New Songs at Governors BallThe Yeezus countdown continues.
  38. teasers
    You Can Now Hear a 13-Second Clip of Kanye’s ‘Bound’Only two more weeks until Yeezus!
  39. cherub imagery
    This Is Maybe, Probably Kanye’s Yeezus Cover ArtOooh.
  40. kimye
    Get Ready to Meet YeezusKim Kardashian has revealed the name of Kanye West’s new album.