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    Ummm, No One Is Really 6 Feet Apart or Wearing a Mask at the CMAs Right NowNot a mask in sight at the CMAs, just potential superspreader event vibes.
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    Workers of Color Accuse Old Navy of Busing in White People for Queer Eye TapingThree employees of color have come out with allegations.
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    The 21 Wildest Celebrity Stories From Moby’s Controversial Tell-all MemoirThe Natalie Portman and Lana Del Rey controversies are just the tip of the iceberg from the book sinking Moby’s career once again.
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    My Dear Holmes & Watson, You Have a Zero Percent Rotten Tomatoes ScoreDon’t hit the opium den in disappointment.
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    Offset Crashes Cardi B’s Show With Roses, Begs for ForgivenessThrow enough flowers at your problems and they’ll disappear, right? Right?
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    Roseanne Barr Defends Valerie Jarrett Tweet: ‘I Thought the B*tch Was White!’As promised, Barr uploaded a response to YouTube.
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    Snowpiercer TV Series Plagued by Director Hating and Quitting the SeriesNot great!
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    Watch Shia LaBeouf Head-butt a Stranger in a Bar FightIt happened.
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    See the Awkward Moment Involving Chris Brown and Rihanna From Last Night’s BET AwardsRarely is one award given to so many people.
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    Spider-Man Update: New Safety Protocols Implemented; Actor Still in Serious ConditionThe ‘Spider-Man’ watch continues.
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    See a Sketch From It’s So Funny, a Misleadingly Titled North Korean Comedy ShowSome of the show’s best “jokes” are about beans.
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    Growing Pains Guy Missing’Growing Pains’ actor Andrew Koenig has been reported missing after failing to make a flight back to the U.S. from Vancouver last Tuesday.
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    Notoriously Hard-to-Please Mafia Wants Italian Author Dead by ChristmasRoberto Saviano, the author of ‘Gomorrah,’ a hit book about the behind-the-scenes machinations of the Mafia, is wanted dead by mobsters who apparently can’t take a joke.