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You’re Fired

  1. you’re fired
    For Billy Bush, Losing His Cushy NBC Job Was the ‘Ultimate Degradation’Especially as a “man.”
  2. you’re fired
    Bryan Singer Fired From Directing Queen Biopic Bohemian RhapsodyThe decision comes after production had to be shutdown due to a prolonged absence from Singer.
  3. you’re fired?
    Trump Claims Schwarzenegger Fired From Apprentice; Schwarzenegger RespondsSchwarzenegger says Trump needs “a new joke writer and a fact checker.”
  4. you’re fired
    Stacey Dash’s Contract Was Not Renewed by Fox NewsRemember when she did that thing at the Oscars, though?
  5. you’re fired
    Schwarzenegger’s Apprentice Sign-Off Is a SecretNBC filmed nine different lines, but there’s only one real contender.
  6. you’re fired
    Woody Allen Might Have Fired Bruce Willis YesterdayYippee-ki-sad-face.
  7. you’re fired
    Celebrity Apprentice Will Live, Sans TrumpThe Donald is forever fired. But wait — he claims he was never fired.
  8. you’re fired
    NBC Ends Relationship With Donald TrumpFinally.
  9. you’re fired
    Letterman’s Cue-Card Guy Was Fired After Assaulting a Staff WriterHe also called Letterman a “motherf*cker.”
  10. you’re fired
    Armond White Kicked Out of New York Film Critics CircleHeckling directors while you’re awarding them is apparently a no-no.
  11. you’re fired
    J.J. Abrams on Why He Took Over Scripting Star Wars: Episode VIIUltimately, firing an Oscar-winning screenwriter.
  12. you’re fired
    Alan Tudyk and Rex Lee Are Leaving SuburgatoryStupid budget cuts.
  13. you’re fired
    10 Venues Cancel Michelle Shocked Shows After Her Anti-Gay RantLesson: If you want to tour folk venues, don’t give homophobic speeches onstage in San Francisco.
  14. you’re fired
    Khloe Kardashian Won’t Be Returning to The X FactorMore Mario Lopez!?
  15. you’re fired
    Predicting the Rest of the Celebrity Apprentice Firings, Based Purely on Trump PsychologyYou don’t even have to watch the show, you just have to know how the Donald’s mind works.