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You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush

  1. Will Ferrell Saves HBO, Too’You’re Welcome America’ scored HBO’s best ratings for a comedy special since 2004.
  2. heroes
    Will Ferrell Saves Broadway AgainWill Ferrell’s ‘You’re Welcome America’ has broken the house record at the Cort Theater for the second week in a row.
  3. drama
    Outburst at You’re Welcome America Tests Will Ferrell’s ChopsAt last night’s performance, Ferrell got an unexpected lesson in the pitfalls of audience participation.
  4. broadwaypocalypse
    Photograph of Presidential Penis Threatens Broadway“An anonymous but age-appropriate public domain Internet penis” that Will Ferrell is presenting to be the former president’s is causing an uproar.
  5. ferrell animal
    ‘Stingray’: We Evaluate Will Ferrell’s Nicknaming in You’re Welcome AmericaWe list twenty names Ferrell handed down. But is there a Turd Blossom in the bunch?
  6. Will Ferrell Saves BroadwayYou’re Welcome America is a hit! You’re welcome, Broadway!
  7. news reel
    First Review of New Will Ferrell Comedy Show Hits TumblrWe still say wait for HBO.
  8. the industry
    Will Ferrell to Honor George W. Bush on BroadwayPlus: Brad Pitt does math!