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You Know Nothing

  1. you know nothing
    The Game of Thrones Finale Was Awfully Impressed With Itself, Huh?Brienne becomes a blogger, Tyrion lectures everyone about storytelling, and everyone hails Bran, start-up king of Westeros.
  2. you know nothing
    Game of Thrones Is Extremely Horny AgainBut why does everyone have exactly one bruise on their face?
  3. you know nothing
    Nobody on Game of Thrones Actually Had a Plan for the Battle of Winterfell, Huh?I have not personally been to war with the dead, but the dragons could have solved this whole thing. Immediately!
  4. you know nothing
    Everyone on Game of Thrones Might Die, But at Least We Got Some LaffsThey say tragedy plus time is comedy, so it follows that Game of Thrones plus time is Friends.
  5. you know nothing
    The Game of Thrones Premiere Was Like The Bachelor But With Low-key IncestDany’s large adult dragon sons test Jon Snow, the Night King just wants to get everybody to the polls, and everyone has way too much free time.