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You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

  1. Woody Allen’s Slow Journey Away From ComedyChances are good that you’re not going to go see Woody Allen’s latest movie, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. Let’s be honest: it doesn’t […]
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    Woody Allen’s You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Is Despairingly ReflexiveThe great director’s craftsmanship is as strong as ever, but his despair has become reflexive.
  3. Breaking News: Woody Allen Full of Doubt, Self-LoathingWoody Allen, eternal optimist: “There’s no rhyme or reason to anything that I do. It’s whatever seems right at the time. I’ve never once in my […]
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    Lucy Punch Breaks Woody Allen Rule #1“He went completely silent and totally stiff. And I was like ‘What have I done?’”
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    You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Trailer; or, Everyone Trade Love InterestsIt’s the latest Woody Allen movie, after all.
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    Banderas and Brolin Both Playing Woody Allen?We guess this is what happens when you withhold full copies of the script from your actors.
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    Woody Allen: GrumpyHe’ll go to Cannes, but not for prizes, beach time, or, presumably, anything that involves the outdoors or talking to people.
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    Chesty Josh Brolin to Be Woody Allen Stand-In“I play a failed writer who is … Woody Allen.”
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    Woody Allen’s Title Secret“Well, that was a very aggressive title, so you can hope that it’s a good movie.”
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    Woody Allen Names New MovieIt’s ‘You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger.’