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Youth In Revolt

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    Youth in Revolt Author C.D. Payne Owns a Traveling Oddities MuseumOf course, this only makes us like the movie more.
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    Michael Cera Does Not Indulge Ridiculous Interviewers“I don’t feel like anything but myself.”
  3. chat room
    Portia Doubleday on Youth in Revolt“Straight A’s, then a ‘D’ in theater. Stupid theater.”
  4. vulture voice-over
    The Anatomy of a Michael Cera Sex Scene, With Vulture Voice-over!See how, by failing at love, Michael Cera succeeds in the movies.
  5. blessed unions
    Michael Cera Meets the SituationMichael Cera is hanging out with the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ on New York’s Lower East Side RIGHT NOW.
  6. the industry
    Mel Gibson Heads Back to MexicoPlus: Jack Black is animated, again!
  7. delays
    Revolt Bumped to JanuaryMichael Cera’s mustache movie is being pushed back three months.
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    Youth in Revolt Trailer: Michael Cera Finally Develops a Second PersonalityHow about a Cera movie in which his id takes the physical form of a mustachioed cocksman with a penchant for arson?
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    Will Smith Is Heading for ‘The Sticks’Plus: Katie Holmes on Broadway!
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    Mira Nair and Hilary Swank Take to the AirPlus, this summer’s Public Theater in the Park schedule is announced!
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    Michael Cera Gets RevoltingKanye, Lupe, and O.J.