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  1. going solo
    A Brief History of Hayley Williams’s Non-Paramore Songs Before Petals for ArmorFrom “Airplanes” to American Football.
  2. word soup
    Zedd Is Permanently Banned From China for Liking a South Park TweetIt makes less sense the more you think about it.
  3. interview
    Maren Morris Owns Her Space“This is music. It’s supposed to be fun. Can you just listen to the record and decide for yourself if it makes you feel something?”
  4. mo bamba
    The Only Good Thing This Week Is Zedd Arguing With A-Trak Over ‘Mo Bamba’“I judge music by melody, chords, structure, lyrics. I’m a musician. :)”
  5. benefit concerts
    Zedd Is Throwing a Massive Benefit Concert for the ACLU“As an immigrant myself I feel the need to stand up against the tyranny that threatens our basic human rights.”
  6. right-click
    Listen to Zedd and Kesha’s ‘True Colors’“This is more than a song,” Kesha tweeted, “it’s a declaration of my truth.”
  7. #freekesha
    Kesha to Officially Release ‘True Colors’ With Zedd, FinallyApril 29!
  8. videology
    Selena Gomez Makes Out With a Mirror in Zedd’s ‘I Want You to Know’ VideoKind of?
  9. music videos
    ‘Break Free’ Video: Ariana Grande’s Crazy Space AdventureIt has everything you’d expect from outer space (in a campy video).