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Zero Dark Thirty

  1. Does Zero Dark Thirty Endorse Torture?A debate mounts over the Oscar front-runner’s portrayal of the search for bin Laden.
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    Jason Clarke Asked to Be Waterboarded to Prepare for Zero Dark ThirtyIt was his idea.
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    Inside the Making of Zero Dark ThirtyThey had eighteen months to turn the Bin Laden raid into a film.
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    Oscar Futures: Zero Dark Thirty SurgesIt wasn’t the best week for Les Miz.
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    Mark Duplass on His Mindy Appearance“Can I be honest? Messina is the best looking one in the room.”
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    Zero Dark Thirty Is the National Board of Review Big WinnerOh, hello, award season.
  7. How Will Comedy Do at This Year’s Oscars?The Oscars have historically been an awards show that doesn’t give comedy its proper due, but last year, things looked like they were starting […]
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    New York Film Critics Circle Awards AnnouncedMatthew McConaughey for Best Supporting Actor: all right, all right, all right.
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    Mark Duplass Is Certain He Could Out-Cuss Jessica ChastainWe could quote him for you right now, but it gets a little cussy.
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    Zero Dark Thirty Revealed: Five Things You Need to KnowJessica Chastain is so good at dropping F-bombs.
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    Zero Dark Thirty’s Wide Release Pushed Back to January 11It’ll still open in New York and L.A. in December.
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    Chastain Hunts Osama in Zero Dark Thirty TrailerDo you think they catch him?
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    Fall Movie Preview: Five Burly Box Office Face-OffsLincoln vs. Bond, Cruise vs. Osama, Perry vs. Ghosts.
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    Joel Edgerton on Playing DiCaprio’s Tour Guide“There’s a difference between recommending a restaurant to your friend’s cousin and recommending it to Leo.”
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    Zero Dark Thirty Teaser: Kathryn Bigelow Looks for Bin LadenIt’s her first movie since Best Picture winner The Hurt Locker.
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    Officials Offered Kathryn Bigelow Inside Access for Bin Laden FilmThe filmmakers were invited to CIA headquarters and met top officials.
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    Mark Duplass Joins Kathryn Bigelow’s Bin Laden MovieKathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, to be exact.
  18. Chris Pratt Answers Questions, Is LoveableYou ever get the feeling that the stars of Parks & Recreation knowingly act like their characters? Nick Offerman seems to revel in the […]