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Zhang Yimou

  1. controversies
    A Timeline of Matt Damon Defending His Casting in The Great Wall“To me, whitewashing was when Chuck Connors played Geronimo.”
  2. controversies
    Matt Damon Discusses Great Wall’s Race Problem“I will be surprised if people see this movie and have that reaction.”
  3. trailer mix
    New Great Wall Trailer: Matt Damon vs. MonstersThere sure are a lot of those … dragons? Lizards? Frog lions?
  4. Great Wall Director Zhang Responds to Criticism“Matt Damon is not playing a role that was originally conceived for a Chinese actor.”
  5. movies
    Coming Home Is a Moving Reunion Between Zhang Yimou and Gong LiNobody shoots Gong Li like Zhang Yimou does.
  6. Christian Bale in Flowers of War Thanks to Steven Spielberg Director is friends with Zhang Yimou.
  7. trailer mix
    Flowers of War Trailer: Christian Bale, Man of the ClothIt’s an epic war movie.
  8. the industry
    The Lorax Returns to Teach Us a LessonPlus: George Lopez finally gets a talk show.
  9. backlash
    Closing Ceremony Takes the Bloom Off Zhang Yimou, Jimmy PageThe closing Ceremony included little that we couldn’t have thought up if someone gave us millions of dollars, thousands of people, and terrible taste.
  10. countdown
    How Awesome Will Zhang Yimou’s Olympic Closing Ceremony Be?We’re definitely watching Sunday night. (Or on the Internet Sunday morning, when they actually happen.)
  11. countdown
    Olympic Opening Ceremony Features Most Awesome Fireworks, Lang Lang Outfit EverThe Zhang Yimou–directed ceremony won’t air until tonight in the U.S., but it already happened.