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  1. what could have been
    High Fidelity Season 2 Was Going To Follow Cherise and Her Top 5 Heartbreaks“Annoyingly, Season 2 was really gonna be a Cherise-focused season.”
  2. hulu
    Zoë Kravitz Calls Out Hulu for Lack of Shows Starring Women of Color“At least Hulu has a ton of other shows starring women of color we can watch. Oh wait.”
  3. cancellations
    Hulu Cancels High Fidelity, Makes Our List of Top 5 Greatest TV Heartbreaks[Record scratch.]
  4. a long talk
    How Zoë Kravitz and Nick Hornby Became High Fidelity Playlist BuddiesThe star of the Hulu series loved the novel that inspired it, so she reached out for the author’s blessing — and wound up with a collaborator.
  5. close reads
    Thank God High Fidelity Fixed RobBy casting Zoë Kravitz as its music-savvy lead, the new Hulu adaptation upends the novel’s and the film’s most infuriating gender bias.
  6. tv review
    High Fidelity Is a Great Cover of the OriginalThe similarities between Hulu’s take on the Nick Hornby novel and 2000 film are unmistakable, but its changes to the source push it in new directions.
  7. pop tarts
    Zoë Kravitz Reveals the Difference Between Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s HousesThe classic East Coast–West Coast divide: Pop-Tarts and Spice Girls versus dusty VHS tapes and The Little Rascals.
  8. record scratch
    Worldwide Vinyl-Record Supply May Be in Danger After ‘Catastrophic’ FireApollo Masters, a vital lacquer-manufacturing plant, suffers “catastrophic” damage.
  9. casting
    Zoë Kravitz to Star As Catwoman in Upcoming BatmanSometimes the right choice is the obvious one.
  10. tv review
    Big Little Lies Was Plagued by Messy Drama on Both Sides of the CameraBut Meryl was great.
  11. bridges of monterey county
    So, Who’s Gonna Fall Off the Bridge in the Big Little Lies Finale?After a season full of ominous foreshadowing, we ask: Exactly how is that freaking bridge going to kill somebody this season?
  12. wedded bliss
    A Banner Weekend for Celebrity WeddingsWe just love love.
  13. compliments
    Every Nice Thing the Big Little Lies Cast Has Said About Meryl StreepA legend, a superhero, “the great one.”
  14. asmr
    Inside the Rise of the ASMR CommercialHow a niche internet thing went mainstream.
  15. big little lies season 2
    Meet the Wigs of Big Little Lies Season TwoThe California drama will return to HBO in June.
  16. super bowl 2019
    All the Commercials Released During the 2019 Super BowlUnlikely collabs abound.
  17. halloween 2018
    Behold, Here Are This Year’s Best Celebrity Halloween CostumesHarry Styles as Elton John? Yes, please.
  18. sexual misconduct
    Zoë Kravitz Says a Director Sexually Harassed Her When She Was 19“It was full-on: ‘Can I come inside your room?’ Just totally inappropriate.”
  19. the industry
    Zoë Kravitz, One of Your Top Two Favorite Kravitzes, Cast in High Fidelity ShowThe series is headed to Disney’s upcoming streaming platform.
  20. bffs
    Big Little Lies BFFs Show Us What ‘Sisterhood Looks Like’Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley show up for each other — at the movies and on Instagram.
  21. casting
    HBO Cast a Guy Who’s Not Lenny Kravitz to Play Zoë Kravitz’s Big Little Lies DadInstead, HBO cast Weeds alum Martin Donovan to play Bonnie’s father, which is fine, I guess.
  22. Gemini Is a Glossy, Atmospheric L.A. Neo-NoirAaron Katz’s moody murder mystery has equal parts substance and style, but can’t quite stick the landing.
  23. Lola Kirke, John Cho, and Aaron Katz on Punching Zoë Kravitz and Fame’s Pitfalls“Famous people will still check their tagged pictures on Instagram to make sure they look good.”
  24. Gemini Clip: Lola Kirke Tries to Protect Zoë Kravitz From a StalkerKravitz co-stars with Lola Kirke in this neo-noir murder mystery.
  25. first looks
    Jude Law Debuts His Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts Sequel Cast PhotoThe real stunner here is Zoë Kravitz, featured front and center.
  26. exes and ohs
    Why the Queer Characters in Rough Night Feel So RefreshingZoë Kravitz and Ilana Glazer play exes who still share a bond.
  27. close reads
    Why Bonnie, Big Little Lies’ Most Underwritten Character, Deserved MoreOn Big Little Lies, perfection is impossible, and women’s interior lives should be recognized… unless you’re a black woman, apparently.
  28. soundtracked
    Big Little Lies’ Music Supervisor on How the Finale’s Songs Were ChosenIt took a while to land on the Elvis Presley songs.
  29. dinner parties
    In Praise of Reese Witherspoon in Big Little Lies’ Funniest SceneHooray for Madeline Martha Mackenzie.
  30. fan casting
    11 Women Who Should Play Lisbeth Salander in the Dragon Tattoo RebootKristen Stewart, Rihanna, and more.
  31. trailer mix
    Watch Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon in the Crazy Rough Night TrailerComing June 16.
  32. casting couch
    Zoe Kravitz a Late Addition to Fantastic BeastsBecause why not?
  33. trailer mix
    Watch Adam Green’s Aladdin TrailerThere’s gotta be a plot buried in that trippy set.
  34. zoe kravitz
    Kravitz: I Didn’t Get Batman Because I’m ‘Urban’The actress says she was denied a chance for a part in The Dark Knight Rises.
  35. chatroom
    Zoë Kravitz on The Road Within and Mad MaxMad Max is so punk-rock, and I’m in that zone.”
  36. chat room
    Zoë Kravitz Finds Her Apartments on Craigslist“I’ve found all of my apartments on Craigslist.”
  37. clickables
    Watch Penn Badgley, Zoe Kravitz, and Olivia Wilde Promote the 99 Percent SpringIt’s an activist training group borne out of Occupy Wall Street.
  38. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for Yelling to the Sky, Starring Zoe Kravitz and Gabourey SidibeWhy is everyone sprinting all the time?
  39. the industry
    Industry: January Jones in X-Men: First ClassPlus: Bond writers get a job.