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  1. comic-con 2012
    The Walking Dead: See the New TrailerCheck out the new Season 3 trailer
  2. ‘Everyone Knows Zombies Don’t Exist… Or do they?’ – Stephen Colbert The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive The CDC recently released a […]
  3. braaaaaains
    AMC Teases Next Season of The Walking Dead With Weekend MarathonWe’re guessing the gang encounters some dangerous strangers and then escapes a zombie attack.
  4. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Adam Scott and Nick Offerman’s Dorm Party MissionPlus: Jimmy Fallon’s animal guests got a little nutso, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  5. zombies
    The CBGB Music Festival Is HappeningSXSW-style.
  6. Everybody Panic! Teenagers Are ‘Only’ Watching 100 Hours of TV per Month“In the fourth quarter of 2011, those teenagers (viewers ages 12 to 17) watched an average of 100 hours of TV each month, down from 105 hours […]
  7. castings
    Sword-Wielding Michonne Enters The Walking DeadWalkers beware.
  8. Zombie Comedy Juan of the Dead Will Rise From Cuba to America This SpringThe Cuban zombie comedy Juan of the Dead will be released in America this April. The movie centers on a “40-year-old slacker” who makes money […]
  9. braaaaaains
    The Walking Dead Novels Devour Bestseller ListThe Times’ list has never seen carnage quite like this.
  10. zombies
    Let a Zombie Make You LaughWatch to the end, and then giggle.
  11. braaaaaains
    Did The Walking Dead Have Fewer Zombies This Season?Or did it just feel that way? We got our stopwatch and found out.
  12. brains
    AMC Renews The Walking DeadNo surprise there.
  13. brains
    George Romero Doesn’t Watch The Walking Dead“Now zombies have their own rules.”
  14. chat room
    Colson Whitehead on His Zombie Novel, Growing Up on Horror Films, and Turning His Book Into a Movie“The problem with movie options is that you say yes, and then you realize that whatever happened is not your vision.”
  15. brains
    The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero Gives Superb Zombie GuidanceHow to snarl, how to move, and most importantly, how to “munch.”
  16. clickables
    Watch ‘The Walken Dead,’ a Zombie–Christopher Walken Mash-Up“I haven’t killed anybody since 1984!”
  17. clickables
    See the Trailer for Cuba’s First Zombie Movie, Juan of the Dead“Juan of the dead, we kill your beloved ones, how can I help you?”
  18. clickables
    Watch Rotting Hill, a Short Zombie Rom-ComIt is both technologically accomplished and totally gross.
  19. clickables
    Watch the Melancholy Second Trailer for Zombie Video Game Dead IslandZombies have feelings too.
  20. clickables
    Read a Helpful Summary of All the Ways to Kill Zombies in MoviesNo guarantees in real life.
  21. clickables
    Watch the Gory But Moving Trailer for Zombie Video Game Dead IslandZombies have taken to the islands.
  22. clickables
    See a Preview of Cuba’s First Zombie Movie, Juan of the DeadWordplay! And zombies.
  23. clickables
    Watch ‘I Am Home Alone,’ a Zombie Apocalypse Mash-Up“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.”
  24. clickables
    Learn How to Protect Your Family in Case of a Holiday Zombie ApocalypseArm your children, of course.
  25. The Best Portrait of Louis CK as a Zombie You’ll See Today, GuaranteedHere’s a zombiefied portrait of Louis CK, part of Funny or Die and Gallery 1988’s “Is This Thing On?” It is a thing of absolute beauty.
  26. clickables
    See Every Zombie Kill From Walking Dead Season OneIn 69 seconds flat.
  27. the walking dead
    Your Walking Dead Season Finale Zombie Kill of the WeekOuch!
  28. the writing dead
    The Walking Dead Fires Its WritersBoom!
  29. the walking dead
    Your Walking Dead Zombie Kill of the Week: CrossbowedOuch!
  30. undead letter office
    Why Has Nobody in a Zombie Movie Ever Heard of Zombies?Vampire and alien victims have heard of them!
  31. zombies
    Jonathan Demme Wants to Direct Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesBut so do Matt Reeves and Mike White.
  32. exclusive
    David O. Russell Quits Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ is dead. (Or is it undead?)
  33. trailer mix
    The Walking Dead Trailer; or, the Zombies Are ComingGet excited.
  34. tv
    Watch How The Walking Dead Made Its Grotesquely Lipless ‘Bicycle Girl’ ZombieFirst, they cut off her lips. Just kidding.
  35. zampires
    Zombies and Vampires Team Up for, in Retrospect, Inevitable TV ShowNBC has just purchased a script for a show called ‘Zombies vs. Vampires.’ And yes, you should have thought of that.
  36. zombies
    Brad Pitt Signs On for Zombie MovieDon’t worry, he won’t be playing the zombie.
  37. tv
    See a Creepy New Photo From AMC’s The Walking DeadSlack-jawed, red-eyed zombie is the part this man was born to play.
  38. tv
    Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at The Walking Dead’s Zombie Training SchoolSome zombies are born, some zombies are made.
  39. zombies
    First Image From AMC’s The Walking Dead Sufficiently DisgustingWere you worried that AMC’s upcoming TV version of Robert Kirkman’s ‘Walking Dead’ comics would tone down the gore? Well, stop.
  40. chat room
    George Romero on His Latest, Survival of the DeadThe director talks about fast zombies versus slow zombies and how video games are changing the genre.
  41. monster mash
    The Beatles Are Latest Famous People to Become ZombiesIn a movie!
  42. zombies
    Meet Andrew Lincoln, AMC’s New Zombie-Fighting Don DraperHe’ll play the lead role in AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead.’
  43. zombies
    Zombies to Run Amok on AMCAMC has given the thumbs-up for a show based on Robert Kirkman’s awesome comic-book series ‘The Walking Dead.’
  44. movies
    Zombie Fans: The Red Band Trailer for George Romero’s Survival of the Dead Has ArrivedFishing will never be safe again.
  45. movies
    Watch the Disney Princesses’ Bloody Zombie Cosplay Pageant“Look at this stuff, isn’t it brains?”
  46. movies
    The Disney Princesses Do Zombie Cosplay“Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they BRAINS.”
  47. movies
    Watch the Grisly Teaser for A.D., the Animated Zombie MovieNot your children’s animated movie.
  48. books
    Read Wait, Wait, Don’t Eat Me, the Zombie NPR Fan-Fiction ScreenplayZOMBIE: Brains?
  49. zombies
    Zombies Invade Governors IslandYesterday, volunteers hopped the ferry to film the final scene of a movie called ‘Isle of the Dead.’
  50. zombies
    Zombies Set to Overrun Governors IslandIf you’re interested in joining along, it’s as easy as clicking through!
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