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  1. casting coup
    How on Earth Did Lupita Nyong’o End Up in the Same Zombie Movie As Josh Gad?Director Abe Forsythe explains the origins of his undead story and which of its characters is based on Mel Gibson.
  2. long-runners
    The Walking Dead Comic Book Is Ending TomorrowIt wouldn’t be The Walking Dead if you saw it coming.
  3. q&a
    Jim Jarmusch Believes in the Teens, But Not Joe BidenThe Dead Don’t Die director speaks with Vulture about zombies, Taylor Swift, and the ecological endgame that’s “coming for everybody.”
  4. vulture lists
    8 Great Zombie Comedies (That Aren’t The Dead Don’t Die)From Re-Animator to Shaun of the Dead, we look back at the films that shaped the mini-genre.
  5. movie review
    Overlord Is Too Synthetic to Be Horrifying — or FunThe Nazi zombie movie’s thrills are as removed as watching a video game over someone’s shoulder.
  6. tribeca 2018
    Martin Freeman Pitches His New Film Cargo to Some Fancy ‘Executives’You can tell they’re executives because of their suit jackets.
  7. Nathan Fillion on Playing a Zombie Head in Santa Clarita Diet Season 2“Hey folks, it’s another severed head joke!”
  8. Tips for Post-Apocalyptic Beards With the Cast of The Walking DeadHere’s how to get your facial hair to peak zombie-fighting performance.
  9. rip
    Horror Legend George A. Romero, Night of the Living Dead Director, Dead at 77The director passed away Sunday of lung cancer.
  10. This Haunted House Lets You Fight ZombiesBe your best Rick Grimes.
  11. the horror
    George Romero Thinks Brad Pitt Ruined ZombiesIt’s the time … of the season … when trash-talking Brad Pitt begins.
  12. Charli XCX Does the Monster Mash in Her ‘After the After Party’ Music VideoIt’s an all-pink zombie party with Charli and Lil Yachty.
  13. season renewals
    The Walking Dead Will Stay Alive for an 8th SeasonA week before the seventh-season premiere, AMC picks up another.
  14. zombie police procedurals
    NBC Wanted Walking Dead As a Zombie-Crime ShowLaw & Order: Biter Victim’s Unit.
  15. genre-tastic
    No Chicken Is Safe in the Insane Korean Occult Murder Mystery The WailingA combination of Contagion, Keystone Cops, and The Exorcism. There are also zombies — did we mention the zombies?
  16. sequential art
    An Exclusive Look at Afterlife With Archie’s Long-Delayed Next IssuesThere was a 20-week gap between issues six and seven and a 21-week gap between seven and eight.
  17. Trevor Noah Hosts a Heated Zombie Christmas Debate on ‘The Daily Show’For the second year in a row, a couple in Ohio has caused a stir by displaying a zombie nativity scene in their front lawn, so during last […]
  18. movie reviews
    Scouts Guide to Zombie Apocalypse is UninspiredThere’s also a big zombie penis.
  19. braaaaaains
    Take a First Look at Walking Dead’s S6 ZombiesThey keep decaying.
  20. zombies
    The Walking Dead’s Divisive New StyleThings are getting very existential up in here.
  21. horror week
    Zombies in the Time of Ebola: Why We Need Horror Movies Now More Than EverThey offer sharper, more acute versions of our worst-case scenarios, brilliant metaphors for what haunts us.
  22. zombies
    The Walking Dead Returns With Record RatingsAmerica’s appetite for cannibalism stories is more powerful than you thought!
  23. braaaaaains
    The Walking Dead Characters Have Dumb IdeasOh, Eugene? He knows the cause of the zombie virus, but no, he hasn’t told anyone.
  24. Conan Gets Zombiefied in This ‘Walking Dead’-Themed Cold Open What was Mr. O’Brien up to the night of Leno’s last Tonight Show? Conan had the cast of The Walking Dead on as guests last night, and the cold […]
  25. zombies rule
    Walking Dead Mid-Season Return Date AnnouncedSo close, and yet so far away.
  26. vampires
    Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt Join Kitchen SinkIt’s a vampire/zombie/alien comedy.
  27. vulture fact-check
    A Biophysicist Assesses World War ZVulture asked a card-carrying scientist to watch the Brad Pitt blockbuster and report back on whether it holds up under a microscope.
  28. abc 123
    Vulture’s Thoughts Watching World War Z, From A to ZIn which Jaime Lannister and Kurt Cobain figure prominently.
  29. adaptations
    Watch the Pilot for Amazon’s Zombieland SeriesAdapted from and nearly identical to the movie.
  30. My Zombies, by Alex PearsonThere is one thing I should make clear about my zombie movie: My zombies are different. My zombies do not stagger around at a snail’s pace. My […]
  31. kill count
    See Every Walking Dead Season-Three Zombie Kill by Weapon: Part TwoAll of the zombie deaths, plus the weapons that did them in.
  32. kill count
    Watch Every Season Three Walking Dead Zombie Kill (So Far) in Two MinutesPlus the weapons that put the walkers down.
  33. fake books
    See the Cover of Nick From New Girl’s Zombie NovelZ Is for Zombie.
  34. zombies
    It’s a Zombie Musical!They’ll eat your brains … in the right key.
  35. guinness book of world records
    Nearly 10,000 Zombies Descended Upon Mexico CityThey want to eat your brains, NBD.
  36. the walking alive
    Does The Walking Dead Need Fewer Zombies? Yes. And more kisses.
  37. Seitz: The Walking Dead Kicks Off Season Three By Coming Back To LifeThe show leaves the farm and embraces its B-movies roots.
  38. zombies
    How to Prepare for a Zombie AttackHide your brains!
  39. public service announcements
    Watch a Walking Dead–Inspired CPR CommercialCourtesy of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.
  40. A Philadelphia Couple Had a Zombie-Themed Wedding, and It Was Pretty CoolYou may now eat braaaaaaaains!
  41. John Hodgman Reveals His Favorite Living and Undead Comedian Man, can you imagine how funny zombie Paul F. Tompkins would be? Just a zombie in a tattered three-piece suit asking, “What’s better brain pie […]
  42. comic-con 2012
    The Walking Dead: See the New TrailerCheck out the new Season 3 trailer
  43. ‘Everyone Knows Zombies Don’t Exist… Or do they?’ – Stephen Colbert The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive The CDC recently released a […]
  44. braaaaaains
    AMC Teases Next Season of The Walking Dead With Weekend MarathonWe’re guessing the gang encounters some dangerous strangers and then escapes a zombie attack.
  45. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Adam Scott and Nick Offerman’s Dorm Party MissionPlus: Jimmy Fallon’s animal guests got a little nutso, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  46. zombies
    The CBGB Music Festival Is HappeningSXSW-style.
  47. Everybody Panic! Teenagers Are ‘Only’ Watching 100 Hours of TV per Month“In the fourth quarter of 2011, those teenagers (viewers ages 12 to 17) watched an average of 100 hours of TV each month, down from 105 hours […]
  48. castings
    Sword-Wielding Michonne Enters The Walking DeadWalkers beware.
  49. Zombie Comedy Juan of the Dead Will Rise From Cuba to America This SpringThe Cuban zombie comedy Juan of the Dead will be released in America this April. The movie centers on a “40-year-old slacker” who makes money […]
  50. braaaaaains
    The Walking Dead Novels Devour Bestseller ListThe Times’ list has never seen carnage quite like this.
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