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  1. Nathan Lee Graham on Eartha Kitt, Bottle Episodes, and the Lost Glamour of […]Comedy fans may best know Nathan Lee Graham as Todd, the panicky assistant of Jacobim Mugatu in Zoolander and Zoolander 2. But that is merely […]
  2. Every Will Ferrell Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestWhich movie best captures the Will Ferrell Experience?
  3. and the nominees are
    Here Are Your 2017 Razzie NomineesTyler Perry, Dinesh D’Souza, and Gods of Egypt scored nominations.
  4. september 11
    Revisiting Zoolander’s Weird History With 9/11The film was part of three separate 9/11 controversies.
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    Why Zoolander 2 Got Made Even Though the Original Made No MoneyCult sequel dreams do come true.
  6. movie reviews
    There’s Nothing Model About the Bloated, Buffoonish Zoolander 2Ben Stiller seems to think that every instance of Zoolander’s dimness, every malapropism, is going to bring the house down.
  7. Here’s What the Critics Are Saying About Ben Stiller’s ‘Zoolander 2’Zoolander 2 finally hits theaters this Friday, and so far, the critics’ response to the sequel has been…well, not so great! New and returning […]
  8. The New ‘Zoolander 2’ Trailer Features Kristen Wiig, Kyle Mooney, Justin […]Ben Stiller’s Zoolander 2 hits theaters next Friday, and a brand new trailer dropped today featuring a bunch of new and returning characters […]
  9. Stiller Models at Valentino, Tweets ZoolanderPlus, a brief David Bowie remembrance.
  10. Here’s a Disturbingly Closer Look at Kristen Wiig’s ‘Zoolander 2’ […]Ahead of the Zoolander 2 premiere next month, here’s a new promo for the film that’s a great introduction to a Zoolander universe newcomer: […]
  11. Watch Kristen Wiig in Zoolander 2 VideoYouth milk.
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    Vogue Asks Derek Zoolander 73 QuestionsZoolander 2: Twolander?
  13. Zoolander 2 – In Movie Form – Coming in 2012OK, first there were reports of a Zoolander sequel being written by Justin Theroux. Then Ben Stiller said he was going to make animated […]
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    Ben Stiller Will Make Zoolander Digital ShortsHow can we be expected to watch it if we can’t even fit inside the monitor?
  15. Zoolander 2 May Actually Be an, uh, Animated Web SeriesSo it was reported last week that Zoolander 2 was in the works, but Ben Stiller just announced that he’s working on a Zoolander animated web […]
  16. Zoolander 2 Is Coming in 2012Apparently, a Zoolander sequel is in the works, with a script already pretty far complete and a release date set for 2012. Jonah Hill and Will […]
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    Anchorman 2 Still Alive, Just Too ExpensiveThe studio thinks it should cost $40 million.
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    Stiller, Theroux To Deliver Zoolander 2Plus: Natalie Portman to take a drug-fueled road trip.