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  1. theater review
    Uses for a Dull Knife: Productive Boredom in Three ZoomertainmentsState vs. Natasha Banina, And So We Come Forth and Zero Cost House
  2. theater review
    Does Interactive Theater Work on Zoom? Two Theaters Switch On the VideoWhat exactly makes something feel “live”?
  3. mute all
    The Best Moments From The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s First-Ever ‘Zoomunion’There’s an argument to be made that virtual reunions are actually better than normal reunions.
  4. last night on late night
    Nikki Glaser Knows You Make This Dumb Face in Zoom MeetingsWe feel called out.
  5. reunions
    Bob Odenkirk, David Cross Reunite the Mr. Show Gang for a Night of New SketchesFeaturing some breaking news from GloboChem.
  6. quarantuning
    Charli XCX, DIY Queen, Will Make and Release a Full Album in QuarantineCall it her King Lear.
  7. coronavirus
    Zoom Etiquette From Emily Post’s Very Chill Great-Great-GranddaughterYour pets are fine. So are your kids. We’re working through a pandemic after all.
  8. first looks
    The Flash Finally Unveils Zoom, Its Big Baddie for Season 2Barry meets his Zoom.
  9. the industry
    McG Will Be Making Terminator Movies Until the Robot ApocalypsePlus: A TV show about lawyers!