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  1. golden globes
    Zootopia’s Directors on Their Globes Nominations“It’s humbling to be part of the conversations in a way that animated films usually aren’t.”
  2. the awards show show
    Awards Show Show: Did Zootopia Predict Trump?“Trump would think Gazelle is a 10 and that Judy is maybe a 7.”
  3. box office
    Popstar Never Starts at the Box OfficeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 also had a disappointing opening weekend.
  4. box office
    Did Moviegoers Abandon Batman v Superman?And if thou gaze long into Zach Snyder’s abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee, and his movie will probably make less money.
  5. box office
    Moviegoers Pledge ‘Allegiant’ to ZootopiaThe third film in the Divergent series had a disappointing opening weekend.
  6. animation domination
    Zootopia, Pixar, and the Animation LandscapeAnd don’t forget the ever-prolific DreamWorks.
  7. box office
    Cute, Anti-Bigotry Animals and Scary John Goodman Win the Box OfficeZootopia and 10 Cloverfield Lane made a combined $75 million this weekend.
  8. box office
    Moviegoers Flock to Zootopia Instead of the Racist Gerard Butler MovieZootopia chops down The Lorax for best March animated opening, too.
  9. movie reviews
    Zootopia Is an Animated Romp That Spins a Good Yarn, TooIt’s a big-budget cartoon behemoth underpinned by modest, old-fashioned storytelling.