‘Make Him Tell the Machine Story!’

Stand-up Bert Kreischer chronicles the journey behind his megapopular joke.
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This Month in Comedy Podcasts: The 2023 Las Culturistas Awards

Rounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
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Who Needs the New York Times Audio App?

The newspaper of record’s new product probably won’t replace your favorite podcast app.
  1. scamming season
    Anna Delvey Is Targeting a New Scam: Your EarsA single for her podcast, The Anna Delvey Show, is dropping.
  2. into it
    Christy Carlson Romano Is Not Afraid to Monetize the Trauma of Childhood Stardom“I call it ‘making the kids eat their vegetables,’” she explains. “They come for the tea, but then they get something more.”
  3. into it
    Does The Little Mermaid Pass the Black Princess Test?Determining whether Halle Bailey’s Ariel is a Black princess—or simply a princess that happens to be Black.
  4. celebrity podcasts
    Rachel Bilson Says She Lost a Job After ‘Speaking Openly About Sex’“This is the first time it’s ever happened to me in my professional life.”
  5. into it
    Comedian Samantha Irby Doesn’t Want the Che Diaz Treatment“Let me just work on other people’s shows so that no one ever does this to the TV version of me.”
  6. start here
    Want to Try Random Order? Start Here.Highlighting the best episode of Trevaunn “Trey” Richards, Jermaine “Jae” Richards, and Sheldon “Shellz” Sabastian’s podcast.
  7. into it
    The End of Search As You Know ItAI is about to turn content discovery on its head.
  8. podcasts
    The Podcast That Isn’t Afraid of James DolanReign of Error takes on the notorious businessman who controls Madison Square Garden (and the Knicks, Rangers, and Rockettes) with an iron fist.
  9. summer preview 2023
    8 Podcasts We Can’t Wait to Listen to This SummerTime to get your beach pods in shape.
  10. 1.5x speed
    Sex, Lies, and Podcast AudioJo Piazza’s podcast She Wants More gets women to open up about their extramarital relationships.
  11. into it
    The Mrs. Davis Writers’ Room Was Built With New Voices and New Values“There’s a finite amount of microphones in this job,” says co-creator Damon Lindelof. “You have to put down the mic and let someone else pick it up.”
  12. podcasts
    Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Famous Exes on Call Her DaddyShe says Ben Affleck was “technically excellent” in bed.
  13. 1.5x speed
    What Does the WGA Strike Mean for Podcasts?And your other mailbag questions, answered.
  14. into it
    Polite Society Depicts Sister Fights As They Are: ‘Brutal, Violent, and Hideous’Nina Manzoor’s movie tucks family drama into an action comedy with influences ranging from Rush Hour to All About Eve.
  15. good one podcast
    The Hans & Franz Movie That Never WasDana Carvey, Kevin Nealon, and Robert Smigel discuss bringing the hit SNL characters back to life in podcast form.
  16. best of 2023
    The Best Podcasts of 2023 (So Far)If the rest of the year keeps up at this pace, podcasting will be in a good creative place.
  17. 1.5x speed
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: Brooks Wheelan’s Wheelan MotorsRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  18. chat room
    Roy Wood Jr. Will Pull No Punches at the White House Correspondents’ DinnerClarence Thomas, you’ve been warned.
  19. chat room
    Comedy Bang! Bang! The Podcast: The Book: The InterviewScott Aukerman talks about becoming Scott Authorman.
  20. the internet is forever
    Where Succession Got That Headphones Sex Joke FromThe offhand comment by Greg dates back to a 2016 tabloid item.
  21. start here
    Want to Try We’re Having Gay Sex? Start Here.Highlighting the best episode of comedian Ashley Gavin’s podcast.
  22. good one podcast
    What It’s Like to Be a TV-Comedy Creator in 2023Steve Levitan, Gina Yashere, and Rachel Bloom talk streaming, cancellations, and the elusive idea of success in Hollywood.
  23. into it
    It’s Time to Change Your Relationship With Spoilers“Think about the word spoil itself. Are you actually now ingesting something that will harm you?”
  24. 1.5x speed
    Is The Economist Making the Best News Podcasts Right Now?The staid magazine’s podcasts are pleasantly aloof, even indifferent — and immensely listenable.
  25. encounter
    Confessions on Jessie Ware’s Dance FloorAfter a career of romantic tearjerkers, she’s got everyone crying (for joy) in the club.
  26. into it
    ‘Drag Is a Space for Disruptors’Sasha Velour explains the the liberating and subverting power of drag in a moment when it’s more mainstream (and more at risk) than ever.
  27. 1.5x speed
    When One Podcast Picks Up Where Another Leaves OffA new project from the Marshall Project finds some overlap with a recent Serial Productions series.
  28. good one podcast
    If Johnny Carson Could Retire, Why Can’t Kathleen Madigan?“So, when the money’s all right, I know I’m free to go, and then I just have to think, Is there any last thing I want?
  29. into it
    Succession Succeeds Beyond Our Hatred of the One PercentThe show accepts the fundamental truth about most of us: that we stay as awful as we’ve always been.
  30. kitty girl
    Barbie Ferreira Clarifies That Her Breakup With Euphoria Was ‘Mutual’“I don’t know if it was gonna do her justice.”
  31. 1.5x speed
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: It’s Awful Being MotherRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  32. the law
    Serial Subject Adnan Syed Has Conviction Reinstated on AppealSerial-y incarcerated.
  33. into it
    Should a Unicorn-Poop Song Parody Be Considered Fair Use of ‘My Humps’?A seemingly silly copyright lawsuit could change our understanding of artistic license.
  34. the industry
    The NPR Layoffs Eat Into Its FutureThe public-radio mothership made some deep cuts this week as it leans back into its broadcast roots.
  35. 1.5x speed
    The People’s Maximum FunA pioneering podcast company becomes worker-owned.
  36. chat room
    For 100 Gecs, This Is What Sincerity Sounds Like“We’re not gonna make music that we think is bad.”
  37. exit interview
    ‘We Can Be Serial Killers Too’Swarm co-creator Janine Nabers cuts through the buzz to explain the series’ elusive protagonist and bittersweet ending.
  38. podcast review
    Holy Week and the Aftermath of MLK’s DeathThe new podcast from The Atlantic revisits the humans who got caught up in history.
  39. start here
    Want to Try Armchair Expert? Start Here.Highlighting the best episode of Dax Shepard and Monica Padman’s podcast.
  40. switched on pop
    ‘Kiss From a Rose’ Wasn’t Made to Be a Classic“It shouldn’t really work, if you start to get analytical about it. But somehow it does,” says Seal. “It’s kind of against all odds.”
  41. into it
    We Love Mess?The constant dissection of Scandoval and the drama around Selena and Hailey has us caring so much about so little.
  42. 1.5x speed
    What’s So Wrong About Human-Robot Romance?The podcast Bot Love explores what happens when people get intimate with AI.
  43. comedy
    Suzy Eddie Izzard Picked Her New Name When She Was 10“I’m going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard, that’s how I’m going to roll.”
  44. into it
    Would It Kill You to See The Fabelmans?It’s not that the Oscars stopped nominating films you’ve seen, it’s that audiences’ tastes have changed.
  45. into it
    Thank Leprechaun and Puppet Master for Cocaine Bear“I’ve always loved gore and violence on film,” says screenwriter Jimmy Warden. “And taking those things and blending them with comedy.”
  46. podcasts
    Can Anyone Trust The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling?The podcast says it wants to have a conversation. What it really wants to do is give a sermon.
  47. good one podcast
    Crafting Party Down’s ‘Inside-Out’ ProtagonistAdam Scott and showrunner John Enbom discuss Henry’s evolution across three seasons.
  48. podcast review
    The Coldest Case in Laramie Is Serial’s Grimmest Production YetAnd yet the show repeats many of Serial’s most familiar themes.
  49. into it
    The Good Place Helped Us GrieveThat final episode had nothing to do with morality. “It’s really about love and attention and caring.”
  50. podcasts
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: Finally With Grace and JoeRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
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