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    Bad Men, Weird L.A., and 8 More Podcasts Worth Checking OutWelcome to the Night Vale team’s latest world.
  2. into it
    ‘Auntie Will Never Retire’Sheryl Lee Ralph has big plans for her post-Emmys career, so long as the younger generations keep hiring her.
  3. best of 2022
    The Best Podcasts of 2022Forget the celebrity brand extensions. The art of podcasting is still as vibrant as ever.
  4. into it
    The Lesson From Elon Musk’s Thud? Always Be Skeptical of Him.Twitter’s new owner cheekily introduced his short-lived satire project in 2018 as an “intergalactic media empire.” Then he bailed.
  5. good one podcast
    All Hail Matt Rogers, the Prince of ChristmasThe comedian talks his new special, longtime partnership with Bowen Yang, and the power of drag.
  6. start here
    Want to Try Bad With Money? Start Here.Highlighting the best episode of Gaby Dunn’s podcast.
  7. into it
    Celebrity Memoirs Are Good for Your Mental and Emotional Health“I learned more about dating, assault, breakups, power dynamics, getting a job and losing a job in these books than from any other source in my life.”
  8. vulture recommends
    I Tear Up Just Thinking About Julia Fox on EmRata’s PodcastEvery relationship these women have had with men has been transactional, and it has hardened their hearts to an untenable degree.
  9. pivots
    Every Chrisley Project That Could Be Scrapped After Prison SentencingTodd and Julie Chrisley’s podcast Chrisley Confessions is still on the air.
  10. into it
    Why Is It Hard to Say Wakanda Forever Isn’t Good?Sam Sanders tries to make peace with the fact that he found the Black Panther sequel disappointing.
  11. good one podcast
    Don’t You Dare Call Kumail Nanjiani a Former ComedianThere was a moment earlier when you said, “You were a comedian,” and that hurt my feelings. I was like, This motherfucker over here.
  12. a long chat
    Audie Cornish, ReconsideredOn the eve of her new CNN podcast, the former NPR host talks to us about her career, her old job, and missing the podcast boom.
  13. is my single dropping?
    John Early Urged Taylor Swift to Release ‘Anti-Hero’ As a Lead SingleHe discussed record-release strat on the music-video set.
  14. 1.5x speed
    13 Food Podcasts to Listen to While BriningFrom recipe debates to actual food science.
  15. start here
    Want to Try Podcast But Outside? Start Here.Highlighting the best episode of Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch’s podcast for newcomers.
  16. podcasts
    What Happened to Ana MendietaShe was a pathbreaking artist, hungry for recognition. A podcast reexamines how her 1985 death made headlines instead.
  17. a happy ending
    My Dad Wrote a Porno Ending After 8 Years of PodcastingThe dad speaks!
  18. 1.5x speed
    Process the World Cup With These PodcastsFor fans of both soccer and murky geopolitics.
  19. switched on pop
    Cuddle Up to the Sweet, Soft Sounds of Sapphic PopTegan and Sara, King Princess, and even Hozier soundtrack a feeling of femme4femme yearning.
  20. podding off
    Talking With the Video-Game Podcasters Who Put Me to SleepGet Played isn’t made for me, but each night I look forward to not finishing it.
  21. bedtime stories
    Nothing Helps Me Fall Asleep Faster Than Listening to Horror PodcastsIt’s not weird, I swear.
  22. into it
    How Does Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Fit Into the MCU’s Get-Weird Phase 4?“With everything in flux, this is kind of the statement blockbuster of the year. It feels like a restore-the-order moment.”
  23. 1.5x speed
    The Criminal Podcast Explores the World of HoaxesFrom Orson Welles to the BBC, no one can be trusted.
  24. switched on pop
    You Haven’t Heard ‘Stayin’ Alive’ Like This BeforeScary Pockets and Lizzy McAlpine show how they put a distinct spin on the Bee Gees classic.
  25. into it
    What TV and Movies Can Tell Us About Abortion — and What They Can’t“A Parks and Rec–style abortion-clinic comedy. That’s what I want to watch.”
  26. switched on pop
    How Midnights Sonically Convinces Us That Taylor Swift Actually Broke CurfewHint: With the help of “a very low, almost boiling bass patch that adds an air of discomfort to whatever it accompanies.”
  27. foolish
    Ashanti ‘Never’ Dated ‘Narcissist’ Irv Gotti“Irv has flat-out lied about a lot of things.”
  28. this month in comedy podcasts
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: More Julio Torres, PleaseRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  29. into it
    Taylor Swift Is the Greatest Self-Portraitist of Our TimeAs we near the release of her new album, Midnights, we try to figure out whether we’ll truly know her — and if that even matters.
  30. podcasts
    When a Supreme Court Podcast Gets You FiredAn interview with 5-4 host Peter Shamshiri, who recently lost his day job after his bosses found out what he’s been up to.
  31. switched on pop
    Something Good Is About to Happen to Steve LacyHis songs “Dark Red” and “Bad Habit” soundtrack hundreds of thousands of TikToks, and his popularity is only building from there.
  32. 1.5x speed
    5 Spooky Podcasts to Listen to Right NowThe call is coming from inside the RSS feed.
  33. coming soon
    Welcome to Chippendales Offers a Battle of the BulgeKumail Nanjiani faces Murray Bartlett in a trailer story with abs, costumes, and murder.
  34. best of 2022
    The Best Podcast Interviews of the Year (So Far)Tom Hanks on Dead Eyes, Jamie Lynn Spears on Call Her Daddy, and other notable conversations of 2022.
  35. vulture festival 2022
    Halloween and Hedwig: Vulture Festival Adds Even More EventsJamie Lee Curtis?? Kumail Nanjiani??? For All Mankind?? THE WHITE LOTUS????
  36. into it
    Time’s Up Began in an Oprah Speech and Wound Up in a Disreputable Heap. How?“You know how when a friend does something embarrassing, people will just not talk about that friend? Time’s Up is that friend.”
  37. switched on pop
    Is Releasing an Album a Painful Breakup or a Beautiful Link to the World?Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath talks to Maggie Rogers, Jeff Tweedy, Bartees Strange, and Katie Gavin about the emotional difficulty of releasing a record.
  38. 1.5x speed
    13 Great Film Podcasts, According to a Film CriticBilge Ebiri on Cows in the Field, Cannes I Kick It, and other excellent shows about movies.
  39. true crime
    Adnan Syed’s Charges Dropped by Baltimore ProsecutorsA month after the subject of Serial was released from prison.
  40. into it
    Serial Killers Are Now Just IP TooRyan Murphy tried not to center Jeffrey Dahmer in Dahmer, but that’s impossible considering he’s the draw.
  41. 1.5x speed
    An Art-World Scandal (and 6 More Podcasts Worth Checking Out)Death of an Artist, Blowback, and more.
  42. switched on pop
    Santigold Was Combusting From the Pressures of LifeCreating her new album, Spirituals, was “my way to escape and create some beauty and light to grasp onto and move toward.”
  43. into it
    Guy Branum Loves That Bros Made Room for a Happy-Sack GayBut he’s more mixed on the discourse: “You cannot change the problems of millennia of marginalization without things being a bit weird around it.”
  44. vulture festival 2022
    See Vulture Festival’s First Lineup Right MeowAll Creatures Great and Small joins We’re Here, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Henry Winkler, and Super Troopers for an old-fashioned L.A. pool party.
  45. this month in comedy podcasts
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: Hopped Up on Black Betties with Patton OswaltRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  46. harris’s foam book
    Comedy Bang! Bang! Podcast to Perform in Character As a BookComing April 2023 wherever you find books (not podcasts).
  47. into it
    The Immense Powers of Kim Kardashian Are in Transition — Not DeclineOne doesn’t become a “cultural fractal icon” by being easily put away.
  48. good one podcast
    Kevin Smith’s Characters Can’t Stop Talking About Star Wars“If you are making a Clerks movie, there has to be a Star Wars something.”
  49. 1.5x speed
    Podcasting Is Just Radio NowIt’s been ages since the last blockbuster narrative show. What does that mean for the medium as an art form?
  50. switched on pop
    Lady Gaga Loves Her Pequeños MonstruosA brief timeline of the Latin music touches in Mother Monster’s catalogue.
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