Welcome to Streamliner, a Weekly Newsletter of TV and Movie Recommendations

You don’t need us to tell you that there’s a lot of stuff to watch. You’ll spend one week trying to stay current on Pedro Pascal’s mushroom zombie show, check out the latest expansion of the Nick Lachey cinematic universe, and watch all the Oscar movies ahead of the ceremony … only to enter the next week to find that Pedro Pascal’s space daddy show is back, learn that the Paramount Network is suddenly becoming interesting, and discover that movie star Michael B. Jordan is a pretty great director, too. Inconsiderate entertainment execs are inundating us with programming, some of which is even worth watching. You need more than a guide. You need many of them, in a variety of forms. We got you.

We’re launching a weekly newsletter called Streamliner that will abound with recommendations of great programming to watch: the biggest TV and movie releases of the week, naturally, as well as niche titles, tips about great shows leaving streaming, new videos from YouTube creators, and a round-up of the trailers, music videos, viral shorts, and late-night clips worth checking out. If it can be watched, you’ll find it in Streamliner, which will arrive each Friday afternoon.

Again, the streaming multiverse is vast and ever-changing. No one should have to try to find great entertainment on their own. Happy watching.