1. ink
    Come Together, Right Now, and Look at Drake’s F-You Tattoo to the BeatlesHe recently broke the band’s chart records.
  2. respect the classics
    Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Come Together, Yeah, for a Mini Beatles ReunionTwo pals hanging out!
  3. vulture lists
    A Guide to Beatles-Inspired CinemaFrom The Rutles to Yesterday.
  4. trailer mix
    Yesterday Trailer: What If the Beatles Never Existed But Ed Sheeran Did?An ordinary guy becomes a pop star in Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle’s new movie.
  5. documentaries
    Peter Jackson Directing New, Happier Doc About the Beatles’ Let It BeNow with much less fighting.
  6. nature
    Beatles of the Sea: Belugas Invite Narwhal to Boys-Only Sex PartyLike John Lennon and Paul McCartney before them, this group of belugas and their one narwhal friend have bonded by playing “social, sexual games.”
  7. beat the meatles indeed
    All of the Beatles Masturbation Puns We Can Think of at the MomentHere are all of the Beatles masturbation-related puns we can come up with at the moment.
  8. billboart charts
    Drake Just Broke a Historic Record Set by the BeatlesLet’s break down the history he just made.
  9. looking back
    Revisiting the Beatles’ Cartoon LSD Utopia Yellow SubmarineA children’s film about pacifism winning out over imperialist annihilation might seem odd, but after the Summer of Love, it made perfect sense.
  10. this! is! jeopardy!
    Whiney Jeopardy! Fans Are Upset Because They Didn’t Know This Beatles ClueAin’t got nothing but love, Alex.
  11. All 213 Beatles Songs, Ranked From Worst to BestWe had to count them all.
  12. Beatles Engineer Geoff Emerick on Recording Sgt. PepperIt was 50 years ago today, when Sgt. Pepper was released in the USA.
  13. billboard charts
    The Chainsmokers Can Be Mentioned in the Same Breath As the Beatles and Bee GeesThey’re just the third duo or group to have three simultaneous Top 10 hits.
  14. lawsuits
    Paul McCartney Sues Sony Over Beatles CopyrightsHe’s fighting to regain ownership of his pride and joy.
  15. r.i.p.
    Beatles’ First Manager Allan Williams Dead at 86He’s remembered for his book The Man Who Gave the Beatles Away.
  16. right-click
    Listen to Nicki Minaj’s New ‘Black Beatles’ Freestyle ‘Black Barbie’“Why? Cuz 2 Lil black kids got the NUMBER 1 RECORD IN THE COUNTRY & I’m soooooo happy for Mike Will.”
  17. lost classics
    The 15 Best Unreleased Beatles Songs That You Can Listen to NowIncredibly, there’s still great music by the Fab Four that hasn’t been officially released.
  18. beatles stories
    Donovan on Helping the Beatles Write a ClassicDonovan spins a tale. 
  19. oldchella
    Rolling Stones Cover Beatles’ ‘Come Together’“We’re gonna do a cover song of a sort of unknown beat group.”
  20. shine bright like a diamond
    Garth Brooks Now Has More Diamond Albums Than the Beatles (or Anyone)The Ultimate Hits from 2007 is his seventh 10-million seller.
  21. videology
    Watch Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles’ VideoSremmMania.
  22. covers
    Lady Gaga Covers the Beatles and Neil Young at a DNC EventShe also covered “This Land Is Your Land” and “Smile.”
  23. roll clip!
    Sia, Corden, Cover the Beatles for Beat BugsNetflix just upped its musical game.
  24. trailer mix
    Here’s the Trailer for Ron Howard’s Beatles DocTo be released September 16.
  25. gallery
    A Beatles Photographer Captures Street Style in 1970s LondonAl Vandenberg’s vintage portraits.
  26. upfronts 2016
    Hulu Gets Ron Howard’s Beatles DocumentaryFrom the Upfronts!
  27. Rihanna Has Passed the Beatles for Second-Longest at No. 1Justin Bieber has also made history.
  28. billboard charts
    Rihanna Has Officially Been No. 1 in Our Lives for as Long as the BeatlesFifty-nine weeks.
  29. tributes
    Watch the Beatles Tribute Video to George MartinIt was recut using footage from Martin’s upcoming PBS docuseries.
  30. collaborations
    The 10 Oddest Things John Lennon Asked George Martin to Do for Beatles Albums“John had said that he wanted to ‘smell the sawdust on the floor,’ wanted to taste the atmosphere of the circus.”
  31. tributes
    Remembering George Martin, Architect of the BeatlesIf the pop world was considered an Inferno, then Martin was a Virgilian figure to the four young men — in various senses their leader, their teacher, their master.
  32. r.i.p.
    George Martin, Producer Known for Extensive Work With the Beatles, Dead at 90Ringo Starr shared the news via Twitter late Tuesday night.
  33. the beatles
    And the Least-Popular Beatles Tracks on Spotify Are …By our calculations.
  34. fab four fun
    We Made Every Beatles Spotify Playlist You Could Ever Possibly NeedThe best of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.
  35. personality types
    The Most-Streamed Beatles Songs on Every Service (and What It Says About You)Here’s why you really listened to “Yellow Submarine” this weekend.
  36. florence and the machine
    Florence and the Machine Cover the Beatles, EODMIn tribute to the Paris attacks.
  37. the beatles
    ‘Come Together’ Tops Spotify’s Most-Streamed Beatles TracksBeatles songs have been added to 673,000 playlists on Spotify.
  38. vulture asks
    What’s Your Favorite Beatles Song?All together now, I want to tell you, I need you. Tell me why. No reply. Help! I will.
  39. radio vulture
    How to Hate the BeatlesSo the streaming hype annoyed you, but you’ll want to express that annoyance the right way.
  40. the streaming wars
    The Beatles Announce Their Arrival on Streaming: Happy Crimble!And it won’t be just for paid subscribers either.
  41. beatlemania
    The Beatles May Finally Be Available on Streaming Sites This ChristmasDon’t be surprised if “Hey Jude” is available for streaming on December 24.
  42. the streaming wars
    Will the Beatles Ever Come Around on Streaming Services?The Beatles would be the ultimate feather in any streaming service’s cap. But will the iconic band ever deign to go free when their records still sell?
  43. billboard wars
    Justin Bieber Tops Drake’s and the Beatles’ Billboard RecordSeventeen songs on the Hot 100. Damn.
  44. obituaries
    Beatles’ Session Drummer Andy White Dies at 85He sat in for Ringo Starr on the band’s first hit.
  45. The Beatles Were the Greatest Boy-Band Ever, ActuallyLet’s fight over the biggest (boy) band to ever exist.
  46. the future
    The Billionaire Who’d Bring Back the Beatles“The hologram business is bigger than porn. It’s going to be as big as the movie market.”
  47. impressions
    Carvey’s Beatles Impression Nearly Kills HaderHe loses it. 
  48. Why the McKanye Feud Is Bad for EveryoneThe problem with the Who Is Paul McCartney? controversy.
  49. A Look Back at David Redfern’s Classic Beatles PhotographsThe prolific photographer has died at the age of 78.
  50. Fred Armisen Plays a Peruvian Beatles Cover Band Member from Portland on […]Now that Fred Armisen is in Portland working on the next season of Portlandia, Seth Meyers and Late Night figured out a way to keep him on the […]
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