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  1. now streaming
    The 8 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendThe witches are back in town.
  2. buffering
    Dragons vs. Elves: Who Has the Better Release Strategy?Streamers say time slots are irrelevant. Maybe they’re wrong.
  3. plus another one
    Epix Looks Around, Rebrands as MGM+Every streaming pivot is a calculation.
  4. lawsuits
    Warner Bros. Sued for Allegedly Embellishing Subscriber NumbersReportedly overestimating by “as many as 10 million subscribers.”
  5. now streaming
    What’s Leaving Netflix: October 2022Schitt’s Creek seasons 1-6, Miss Congeniality, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and more.
  6. now streaming
    The 7 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend2009 called and Avatar is back in theaters! In 3-D!
  7. buffering
    When Broadcast Shows Move to Streaming, Do Viewers Follow?If the show is Thursday Night Football, the answer is yes.
  8. now streaming
    Checking In on Netflix’s Original Movies: September 2022 EditionA teen comedy, a Swedish comedy about romance, a Queen Latifah action vehicle, and more.
  9. now streaming
    The 7 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendThe Woman King! Go see it!
  10. buffering
    The 7 Biggest Questions the TV Business Has to Answer This FallThis season on the streaming wars: NBC ghosts Hulu, Dancing With Disney+, and ads, ads, ads!
  11. royals
    How to Watch Queen Elizabeth II’s Lying-in-State on the BBCThe livestream runs until her funeral on Monday.
  12. streaming habits
    What’s Leaving HBO Max: (Some) CigarettesThe platform has edited smoking out of several movie posters.
  13. hbo axe’d
    Warner Bros. Discovery Isn’t Done With Layoffs YetWith every high (winning the most Emmys) comes low lows (losing a chunk of your ad-sales team).
  14. now streaming
    How to Stream the Shows That Won (and Lost) the EmmysAll those streaming subscriptions you have will finally pay off.
  15. consolidation prizes
    Disney’s CEO Wants a ‘Hard’ Bundle With HuluAnd might buy the service to get it.
  16. now streaming
    The 6 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This WeekendIncluding a rewatch of Spencer. Just because.
  17. royals
    How to Watch BBC News Live (for Obvious Reasons)Queen Elizabeth “died peacefully” this afternoon.
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