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  1. don’t play with her
    Angela Bassett’s Son Swiftly Apologizes for Fake-Death PrankAs part of a recent TikTok trend, he falsely told his mom that her co-star Michael B. Jordan had died.
  2. controversy
    Ye Apologizes for False Claim About George Floyd’s DeathReferencing his split with Adidas, he said that he knows “how it feels to have a knee on my neck now.”
  3. so ‘90s
    Matthew Perry ‘Actually’ Likes Keanu Reeves, Despite What He Said in His Book“I should have just used my own name.”
  4. apologies
    An Apology From the Missing Comma in Don’t Worry DarlingI’ve finally decided to come clean in the hopes that I might allow anyone I’ve inadvertently harmed to begin the process of healing.
  5. dce-who?
    Ezra Miller Is Being Treated for ‘Complex Mental Health Issues’“I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior,” The Flash star said in a new statement.
  6. oscars 1973
    The Academy Finally Apologizes to Sacheen Littlefeather for MistreatmentThe Indigenous activist was booed at the 1973 Oscars for protesting Native American mistreatment.
  7. the slap
    Will Smith Apologizes to Chris Rock and Questlove for the Slap“I made a mistake, and I’m trying not to think of myself as a piece of sh-t.”
  8. the one where she’s sorry
    Friends Creator Marta Kauffman Regrets Misgendering Chandler’s Trans MomShe previously also expressed “guilt” over the show’s lack of racial diversity, to the tune of a $4 million donation.
  9. dad moves
    Justin Timberlake Apologizes for Dancing Like Justin TimberlakeHe had a conference with his feet and made them promise to never do that again.
  10. apologies
    Will Smith Apologizes to Chris Rock and ‘Everyone Watching’ for the Oscars Slap“This is a season for healing and I’m here for it,” Jada Pinkett Smith added on Instagram.
  11. apologies
    Pachinko Star Jin Ha Apologizes for His Old Creep-Shot Tumblr“My ‘Korean Flowers in Bloom’ Tumblr account from 2011 should not have been made at all.”
  12. cancellations
    Nick Cannon’s Daytime Talk Show Canceled Less Than Six Months After StartingNick Cannon is canceled, as in shut down, not canceled, as in when Nick Cannon made anti-Semitic comments and still got a TV show.
  13. regrets
    Nelly Issues Apology to the Woman in His Sexually Explicit Instagram Story“This is unwanted publicity for her,” the rapper and accused rapist stated.
  14. apologies
    Joe Rogan Says N-Word Supercut Is “Taken Out of Context”“Whenever you’re in a situation where you have to say ‘I’m not racist,’ you fucked up.”
  15. apologies
    Rachel Zegler Apologizes for Turning Britney Spears’s Tweet Into a Monologue“This is not a situation to be taken lightly, and we should all be lifting Britney up in this pivotal time.”
  16. apologies
    J Balvin Apologizes for, Takes Down ‘Perra’ Music VideoJ Balvin issued an apology on Instagram regarding his now-deleted music video.
  17. apologies
    CBS Is Changing The Activist Into a Documentary, Not a Competition“We got it wrong,” Global Citizen said in a statement.
  18. summer jam 2021
    DaBaby Makes New Apology in Live Return Before Calling Critics ‘Crybabies’Hot 97 Summer Jam marked his first performance since the fallout from anti-AIDS and -LGBTQ comments at Rolling Loud Miami.
  19. apologies
    Justin Bieber Apologizes for Briefly Being a Fan of Morgan Wallen“I had no idea that the guy’s music I posted was recently found saying racist comments,” Bieber wrote in his Instagram Stories.
  20. apologies
    Top Chef Winner Gabe Erales Is ‘Sorry’ After Sexual Misconduct Allegations“My personal growth will be a perpetual apology in seeking forgiveness.”
  21. country
    Morgan Wallen Says He Donated Profits From Album Sales After Racial-Slur VideoHe spoke on Good Morning America for his first interview since the video emerged.
  22. stop asian hate
    Billie Eilish Apologizes for Lip-Syncing Racist Slur in Old Video“regardless of my ignorance and age at the time, nothing excuses the fact that it was hurtful. and for that i am sorry.”
  23. apologies
    Chrissy Teigen Apologizes Again for ‘Asshole Past’ Twitter Bullying“I have so much love to give if you are open and willing to accept it,” she wrote to fans.
  24. apologies
    Ellie Kemper Responds to ‘Debutante Ball’ Photo, Denounces White Supremacy“I was old enough to have educated myself before getting involved.”
  25. sexual harassment
    Joe Budden Apologizes After Olivia Dope Says He Sexually Harassed Her On-Air“In an effort to not further any trauma, the episode will be removed from all platforms.”
  26. apologies
    Chrissy Teigen Apologizes to Courtney Stodden for Tweeting They Should DieStodden has responded with an Instagram post saying, “I have never heard from her.”
  27. apologies
    LaKeith Stanfield Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Clubhouse Chat Room“I unconditionally apologize for what went on in that chat room, and for allowing my presence there to give a platform to hate speech.”
  28. apologies
    Reporter Apologizes to Daniel Kaluuya, Says She Knows He’s Not Leslie Odom Jr.“I apologize to Daniel Kaluuya for my words.”
  29. apologies
    Hank Azaria Wants to ‘Personally Apologize’ to Every Indian Person for Apu“It’s important. I apologize for my part in creating that and participating in that.”
  30. extremely online
    James Charles Says He’s Sorry He ‘Flirted’ With Underage Fans“It sucks, and it’s ridiculously embarrassing to admit this, but I’m desperate.”
  31. apologies
    Jay Leno Apologizes for History of Jokes About Asians“At the time I did those jokes, I genuinely thought them to be harmless.”
  32. apologies
    David Dobrik Releases a Second Apology As Sponsors and Views DropThis time with the comments turned on.
  33. apologies
    David Dobrik Says He ‘Doesn’t Stand for Any Misconduct’ in New StatementTrisha Paytas has responded in a new video titled, “David turned off comments but I am not …”
  34. apologies?
    The HFPA Says It ‘Will Immediately Work’ to Bring in Black MembersSure, Jan.
  35. apologies
    Luke Combs Says ‘There Is No Excuse’ for His Past Use of Confederate FlagIn conversation with Maren Morris, the country singer addressed his use of Confederate-flag imagery in a 2015 music video.
  36. racism
    Chris Harrison Is ‘Stepping Aside’ From The Bachelor After ‘Excusing’ RacismHarrison is temporarily leaving his hosting duties after 36 Bachelor contestants issued a joint statement condemning any defense of racism.
  37. apologies
    Justin Timberlake Apologizes to Britney and Janet in the Year of Our Lord 2021Better late than never?
  38. bachelor nation
    The Bachelor’s Rachael Kirkconnell Apologizes for ‘Offensive and Racist’ ActionsThe Bachelor front-runner broke her silence about her social-media scandal on Instagram.
  39. apologies
    Morgan Wallen Tells Fans ‘Please Don’t’ Defend Him in New Apology Video“And I fully accept any penalties I’m facing.”
  40. apologies
    Chris Harrison Apologizes for ‘Perpetuating Racism’ in Rachel Lindsay InterviewThe Bachelor host defended contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s antebellum-themed photos in an interview with the former Bachelorette on Extra.
  41. disculpas
    Hilaria Baldwin Has to Admit, She ‘Should Have Been More Clear’About the whole “not being Spanish” thing.
  42. apologies?
    Sia Says ‘Sorry’ and Adds Warning Label to Movie, Music, After Golden Globe NomsAfter tweeting out a string of apologies for her debut film’s handling of autism, Sia deactivated her Twitter account.
  43. apologies
    Shawn Mendes Apologizes for Misgendering Sam Smith in Jingle Ball Introduction“We’re all learning together,” Smith wrote on their Instagram Story.
  44. apologies
    Roald Dahl’s Family Apologizes for Late Author’s Anti-Semitism“We hope that, just as he did at his best, at his absolute worst Roald Dahl can help remind us of the lasting impact of words.”
  45. apologies
    Noah Cyrus Apologizes For Using Racially Offensive Language on Instagram“I am mortified that I used a term without knowing the context and history, but I know now and I am horrified and truly sorry.”
  46. apologies
    Saved by the Bell Apologizes for Selena Gomez Kidney-Transplant JokesPeacock has now edited the episode.
  47. apologies
    Magician Uri Geller Apologizes to Pokémon FansHis apology to spoons remains forthcoming.
  48. apologies
    Eva Longoria Apologizes for Claiming Latina Voters Were the ‘Real Heroines’“My wording was not clear and I deeply regret that.”
  49. apologies
    Rihanna Apologizes for Using Islamic Scripture in Fashion Show“I do not play with any kind of disrespect toward God or any religion.”
  50. extremely online
    Here’s Who James Charles Is Apologizing to Today: Alicia KeysThe makeup influencer subtweeted the launch of Keys’s beauty brand.
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