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  1. awards season
    All the 2023 BAFTA Winners Were WhiteAcross 49 categories, and despite 40% of the acting nominees being people of color.
  2. protests
    David Oyelowo Says the Academy Punished Selma for the Cast’s Eric Garner ProtestThe Oscars responded with “Unacceptable.”
  3. oscars 2020
    The Academy Awards of Self-FlagellationParasite’s Best Picture win wasn’t just a daring choice for the Academy. It was an acknowledgment that English-language cinema is no longer the bar.
  4. representation
    Gina Rodriguez Calls Latino Underrepresentation in Film ‘Heartbreaking’“The underrepresentation of Latinos in Hollywood both on and off screen is not just a feeling; it’s a sad reality.”
  5. the academy
    New Academy President Wants to Include More International Voters for DiversityHe was a dark horse in the race, where Laura Dern was a favorite.
  6. the awards show show
    What Does the Creator of #OscarsSoWhite Make of This Awards Season?April Reign stops by The Awards Show Show to discuss why the industry can’t get complacent.
  7. hey white people
    Oscar-Nominated Director Lee Daniels Thinks #OscarsSoWhite Was ‘Reprehensible’With his new series Star, the Empire co-creator is trying to help white people feel cool again.
  8. oscars so white
    Denzel Washington Discusses Diversity, Says the Oscars Are Unfair“If you’re looking for an excuse, you’ll find one.”
  9. theater
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Thinks This Year’s ‘Amazingly Diverse’ Tonys Was a Fluke“We lucked into one of the most extraordinarily diverse seasons we’ve ever seen in the history of Broadway.”
  10. #moviessowhite
    Report Shows Diverse Films Do Better WorldwideSurprise, surprise: Diverse audiences like seeing diverse casts.
  11. encounter
    Don Cheadle on His Miles Davis Movie, Miles Ahead“This business retires you. You don’t retire from the business very often.”
  12. hollywood signs
    Can The Academy Really Diversify the Oscars?If the nomination roster next spring, or in 2019, or 2021, looks enough like America not to generate an OscarsSoAnything protest, that will be a victory.
  13. oscars 2016
    Academy Members Protest Oscars’ Asian Jokes#OscarsSoOffensive.
  14. oscars 2016
    Iñárritu Hopes #OscarsSoBrown Isn’t Next“The debate is not only about black and white people.”
  15. oscars 2016
    There Was a Horribly Tone-Deaf Asian Joke at the OscarsWho okayed this?
  16. oscars 2016
    Chris Rock Interviewed Black Moviegoers in Compton About Oscar-Nominated Films“Do you feel that Trumbo should have been a bigger hit?”
  17. #oscarssowhite
    Kerry Washington and More on #OscarsSoWhite“If you look at the history of movements, the history of change, a lot of voices are needed at the table,” Washington said.
  18. Why the Public Should Elect the Oscar HostThe risk would be worth it.
  19. #oscarssowhite
    Emma Thompson Had the Best #OscarsSoWhite AnswerBless.
  20. party chat
    Sylvester Stallone Considered Boycotting This Year’s Oscars Ceremony“I really do owe everything to [Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan].”
  21. #oscarssowhite
    Will Smith Had to Google Jada’s Oscars Video“She would not have gone with me. Trust.”
  22. #oscarssowhite
    Halle Berry Calls #OscarsSoWhite ‘Heartbreaking’“To sit here almost 15 years later, and knowing that another woman of color has not walked through that door, is heartbreaking.”
  23. oscars so white
    Will Smith Elaborates on His View of the Oscars Controversy: ‘We Have to Lead’“The media sort of creates the ‘us and them,’ and for me there is no us and them. It’s we.”
  24. #oscarssowhite
    Compton Cast Didn’t Get Oscars InvitesAwkward.
  25. sundance 2016
    Nate Parker on The Birth of a Nation’s Breakout“Hollywood was built on the propaganda of D.W. Griffith and The Birth of a Nation. There’s blood on that title.”
  26. #oscarssowhite
    Oscars Chiefs Respond to Rule-Changes BacklashAcademy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs and CEO Dawn Hudson shut down claims of ageism.
  27. #oscarssowhite
    Animal House’s Flounder Not Into Academy’s RulesHe penned an open letter saying the organization’s inclusion problem “is an integrity issue, not a racism issue.”
  28. #oscarssowhite
    Lena Dunham on #OscarsSoWhite: ‘We Have a Serious Problem’“It’s simply a fallacy.”
  29. party chat
    LaTanya Jackson: Samuel Deserved Oscar Nod“I’m not boycotting, I just won’t be there.”
  30. #oscarssowhite
    Ava DuVernay on Diversity: ‘I Hate That Word’She told the Times that the D word is “medicinal” and that it “has no emotional resonance.”
  31. #movementmondays
    Rodriguez Launches Movement Mondays for Latinos“Let us use our numbers and powerful voices to prove we support one another … to prove they need to support all the various Latino cultures in the media.”
  32. #oscarssowhite
    New Academy FAQs Say Org Wants ‘Credibility’Also: “Voting for the Oscars is a privilege of membership, not a right.”
  33. #oscarssowhite
    DGA President Wants More Than Academy Changes“This alone will do little to create more choices and get more films and television made that reflect the diversity we all deserve.”
  34. #oscarssowhite
    Ian McKellen on #OscarsSoWhite: Gay Actors Are Also ‘Disregarded’“What about giving me [an Oscar] for playing a straight man?”
  35. sundance 2016
    Spike Lee on Rampling, Caine, and Oscar Politics“Charlotte Rampling and Stacey Dash need to hang out. And they need to go with God. Both of them.”
  36. #oscarssowhite
    Danny DeVito: The ‘Entire Country’ Is Racist, So of Course the Oscars Are, Too“Generally speaking, we’re a bunch of racists.”
  37. #oscarssowhite
    Steve McQueen on Oscars and Industry Diversity: ‘Let’s Fix This’“Give people more opportunities to make interesting movies. Fantastic movies.”
  38. #oscarssowhite
    Watch and Listen As Nick Cannon Unleashes a Semi-Oscar-Related Spoken-Word Poem“Nah, not another trophy rant.”
  39. oscars 2016
    Rampling: Oscar Remarks Were ‘Misinterpreted’“Perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list.”
  40. #oscarssowhite
    Ice Cube on Straight Outta Compton’s Oscar SnubYou could say he’s pretty chill about it.
  41. #oscarssowhite
    Academy Promises to Fix Oscar Diversity Issues“The Academy is going to lead and not wait for the industry to catch up.”
  42. oscars 2016
    Michael Caine Says Black Actors Should ‘Be Patient’ About Oscar Nominations“You can’t vote for an actor because he’s black.”
  43. #oscarssowhite
    Ruffalo Supports Oscar Boycott But Will Attend“The entire American system is rife with a kind of white privileged racism that goes into our justice system.”
  44. #oscarssowhite
    Will Smith Won’t Attend the Oscars Either“We’re part of this community. But at this current time, we’re uncomfortable to stand there and say this is okay.”
  45. #oscarssowhite
    Academy Might Improve Diversity Early Next WeekInsiders told the Times that the best-picture category could open back up to ten nominees.
  46. #oscarssowhite
    Spike Lee Didn’t Say He Was ‘Boycotting’ Oscars“Chris Rock is a grown-ass man. He can do what he wants to do.”
  47. #oscarssowhite
    Even George Clooney Knows the Oscars Are White As Hell This Year“We’re moving in the wrong direction.”
  48. #oscarssowhite
    David Oyelowo Slams the Academy in Speech to Its President, Cheryl Boone Isaacs“I am an Academy member and it doesn’t reflect me, and it doesn’t reflect this nation.”
  49. beefs
    Fresh Prince’s Aunt Viv Slams Smiths in VidThe four-minute diatribe takes issue with Jada Pinkett Smith’s call to boycott the 2016 Oscars … among other things.
  50. #oscarssowhite
    Academy Pens ‘Heartbroken’ Diversity StatementThe words come on the heels of major #OscarsSoWhite fallout.
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