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  1. tv review
    The Problem With DahmerThe series states its aim to humanize those affected by the serial killer’s crimes, but it can’t resist a base attraction to its central monster.
  2. tv review
    Andor Is the Cure for Star Wars EnnuiThe franchise hasn’t felt this challenging, invigorating, or dangerous in quite some time.
  3. tv review
    The Rings of Power Is Too Big to FailPrime Video’s much-anticipated Lord of the Rings series is a best-case scenario for storytelling by monetary brute force.
  4. tv review
    The Patient Is All Killer, No FillerSteve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson deliver strong performances in a thought-provoking thriller that succeeds by keeping its focus narrow.
  5. tv review
    House of the Dragon Is Built on a Shaky FoundationOne thing’s for certain: This prequel is definitely a Game of Thrones series. As for what else it is, that’s harder to say.
  6. tv review
    A League of Their Own Pulls Off an Awkward Double PlayThis imperfect but captivating series adaptation of the 1992 film is both a correction and a celebration.
  7. tv review
    The Sandman’s Lost DreamNetflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s legendary comic works well when it has a strong sense of its titular character. If only it stayed that way.
  8. stonks!
    Industry Is the Best Show to Listen ToWho knew money-flavored white noise could be so soothing?
  9. tv review
    Rap Sh!t Is Having the Most Fun This SummerIssa Rae’s first post-Insecure series is charmingly acted, perpetually funny, and utterly immersive.
  10. tv review
    Only a Star Could Make The Last Movie StarsEthan Hawke’s docuseries about Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman unearths a potent portrait of celebrity.
  11. tv review
    Resident Evil Is Plagued by PredictabilityBrief, welcome glimpses of silliness hint at what could have been if this Netflix series were more willing to deviate from the franchise’s mythology.
  12. tv review
    Ray Liotta Keeps the Unstable Black Bird GroundedIn one of his final roles, the late actor brings much-needed poignancy and pathos to a stilted true-crime miniseries.
  13. finales
    Stranger Things Just Wouldn’t Stop Running Up That Damn Hill The fourth season of the Netflix series got stuck on repeat.
  14. tv review
    Loot Is At Odds With ItselfA perfectly pleasant but ideologically hollow comedy about an ultrarich girlboss? In this economy?
  15. tv review
    The Bear Never Stops MovingThe energy and stress of a busy kitchen fuels this instantly compelling, tense, beautiful new series.
  16. tv review
    Damn It, Players, You Got MeBehold, an esports mockumentary that improbably works despite the viewer’s utter ignorance of esports.
  17. tv review
    For All Mankind Season 3 Navigates Heady Highs and Cavernous LowsA race to colonize Mars brings out the alternate-history series’ best qualities amid some maddening missteps.
  18. tv review
    Ms. Marvel’s Enthusiasm Is InfectiousIt has been too long since the MCU had a proper coming-of-age tale, and this confident, focused miniseries rises to the occasion.
  19. tv review
    P-Valley Season Two Spins OutKatori Hall’s Starz drama loses the consistency and cohesion that drove its first season.
  20. tv review
    The Boys Needs a New Punch LineThere’s something to be said for consistency, but some variety or nuance would be nice too.
  21. tv review
    Angelyne Is the Total PackagePeacock’s miniseries about L.A.’s “Billboard Queen” is not just aware of the limitations of the biopic. It relishes disrupting them.
  22. yikes
    A Warning From the Future About The Time Traveler’s WifeA time-traveling TV critic considers Steven Moffat’s strangely chintzy, tonally odd adaptation of the 2003 novel.
  23. tv review
    The Kids in the Hall Make a Head-Crushing ReturnAgainst all odds, the sketch comedy’s Amazon revival is almost miraculous.
  24. tv review
    Conversations With Friends Thrives on What Goes UnsaidStrongly reminiscent of Hulu’s previous adaptation of a Sally Rooney Novel, the series puts sexual frankness at its center.
  25. tv review
    Hacks Seems a Bit LostThe Emmy-winning series hits the road in season two and needs some time to find its old rhythms.
  26. tv review
    Candy Leaves a Sour AftertasteHulu’s weightless true-crime miniseries has little sense of what it wants to say about the 1978 axe murder of Betty Gore, or why it should say it.
  27. tv review
    The Staircase Defies ExpectationsA seminal true-crime story takes on new dimension in a scripted series that proves there’s still more to say about Michael and Kathleen Peterson.
  28. tv review
    Mike Myers Returns, Cautiously, With The PentaverateThe Netflix series feels way too timid — except for all the poop jokes.
  29. tv review
    Let’s Hear It 4 Girls5eva’s Triumphant Second ActAn unabashedly silly yet satisfying new season digs back into everything that made season one so amusing and then some.
  30. tv review
    The 2022 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Was a Respectable-Enough RebootIt wasn’t Twin Peaks: The Return, but it also wasn’t, like, Heroes Reborn either.
  31. tv review
    Under the Banner of Heaven Scratches the True Detective ItchAndrew Garfield finds fresh empathy in the FX on Hulu series’s tired true-crime patterns.
  32. tv review
    The Offer’s Exhausting Self-Congratulation Makes The Godfather Into GabagoolDespite some strong performances, the overlong miniseries is an incurious bit of nostalgia bait.
  33. tv review
    We Own This City Dissolves the Line Between Cop and CriminalDavid Simon returns to the world of Baltimore police in a limited series that is not a sequel to The Wire, but is not not a sequel to The Wire.
  34. tv review
    The Man Who Fell to Earth Doesn’t Know Where to LandUnsteady writing muddles a compelling premise in Showtime’s serial adaptation of the 1963 Walter Tevis novel and 1976 David Bowie–starring film.
  35. tv review
    Barry Is Killer in Season ThreeAfter an extended hiatus, the HBO dramedy about Bill Hader’s hitman-actor is back and better than it’s ever been.
  36. tv review
    The Flight Attendant Returns, Dizzy and Fizzy As EverSeason two turns melodramatic-thriller fodder into background noise. That’s because it’s foregrounding a much more compelling set of tensions.
  37. tv review
    Gaslit Has No Use for HeroesWhen it avoids the sway of its own hyperbole, Starz’s compellingly grimy Watergate miniseries illuminates the coldness and crassness of complicity.
  38. tv review
    Okay, I’d Like to Escape Russian Doll’s Time Loop NowWhen everything everywhere all at once backfires.
  39. tv review
    Killing It Sneaks Sharp Insight Into Its Snake-Hunt ShenanigansThe new Peacock comedy’s focus on the insurmountable gap between predator and prey is both consistent and darkly amusing.
  40. tv review
    Ken Watanabe Kicks the Slow-Moving Tokyo Vice Into High GearDespite its Ansel Elgort–centric marketing, the HBO Max crime series is at its most captivating when focused on its Japanese characters.
  41. tv review
    Cozy Up With Julia, a Warm and Welcoming TreatThe new HBO Max series is much like the version of Julia Child it wants to portray: imperfect yet charming — and in love with feeling good.
  42. tv review
    Moon Knight’s Compelling Weirdness Feels Incompatible With the MCUA pulpy atmosphere and two Oscar Isaacs serving rakish Tomb Raider cosplay make this miniseries a distinctively odd, unpredictable experience.
  43. tv review
    The Girl From Plainville Can Only Say So MuchDespite a strong Elle Fanning performance, this dramatization of the teen texting-suicide case can’t uncover the why of Michelle Carter.
  44. oscars 2022
    The Oscars Telecast Was a Disaster Without the SlapBy trying to be everything to everybody, the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony turned into a disjointed mess.
  45. tv review
    Halo Hasn’t Unlocked Its Full PotentialInitially bogged down by world-building and its own source material, this adaptation of the video-game phenomenon is still figuring itself out.
  46. tv review
    Starstruck Conjures the Magic of Everyday RomanceThe second season of Rose Matafeo’s delightfully off-kilter rom-com carries a distinctive thrill of emotional realism.
  47. tv review
    Bridgerton Takes It Slow in Season TwoHeavy with sexual tension but light on actual sex, the new season isn’t quite a Whistledowner, but it’s not a ton of fun, either.
  48. tv review
    Pachinko Builds Epic Family Drama on an Exquisitely Intimate ScaleApple TV+’s adaptation of Min Jin Lee’s generational saga finds satisfying poignance in the space between the remarkable and the ordinary.
  49. tv review
    Amy Schumer’s Life & Beth Feels Like a Prestige-Comedy Hallmark MovieIn the best possible way.
  50. tv review
    WeCrashed Disrupts NothingThis tedious series’ top-down, voyeuristic focus on the notorious couple behind WeWork is impressively ill conceived.
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