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17 Again

  1. suggestions
    Vulture’s Dos and Don’ts for Adults Going Back to High School UndercoverDO throw parties. DON’T date students.
  2. supercut
    ‘That’s Not My Face!’: A Montage of Body-Switching Reactions From Movies and TVSee the pretty girl in the mirror there … Wait. Who is that?
  3. disappointments
    Please Tell Us Elizabeth Banks Didn’t Really Write This HuffPo Op-ed PieceHow can we be sure she really wrote this piece?
  4. chat room
    17 Again’s Thomas Lennon on Kissing Paul Rudd, Admiring Zac Efron, and Picking Wedgies“Either the shorts are getting smaller or I’m nosing up on 40.”
  5. trailer mix
    ‘17 Again’ Trailer: Matthew Perry Lives the Dream; Zac Efron Wakes Up in a NightmareWho actually thought we’d believe that Matthew Perry looked like Zac Efron in high school?
  6. quote machine
    Kate Beckinsale’s Publicist Wishes She Would Stop Talking About Sushi and VaginasPlus: Sarah Michelle Gellar indulges in some Buffy-Willow slash, and Leslie Mann’s daughter licks her face.