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2012 (movie)

  1. paydays
    Disaster-Porn Fetishist Roland Emmerich Laughing All the Way to the BankHe’s going to bank $100 million for his work on ‘2012.’
  2. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Everyone Who Didn’t See New Moon Saw The Blind SidePrecious is still doing really well, too.
  3. blowing shit up
    Roland Emmerich Talks 2012 TV SpinoffIt could be good. Or not.
  4. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: 2012 Wins, but the Real Future Is in PreciousThe little indie that could crowds theaters in its second week.
  5. weekend box office
    2012 Made a Lot of Money Last NightIt must have been the two good reviews!
  6. ranters and ravers
    2012 Receives Four Stars From Single Critic“‘2012’ is, pardon the expression, a revelation. It gets everything right.”
  7. blowing shit up
    Projections: 2012 Will Slay the Box OfficeFloods! Fires! Cusack!
  8. the projectionist
    Edelstein on 2012“‘2012’ rides in on and reinforces an especially idiotic wave of evangelical doomsday predictions with supposed roots in the Mayan calendar, and it’s too trivial to live.”
  9. chat room
    John Cusack on Finding the 2012 Script“I don’t know how we shoot that, because you can’t have a stuntman for a 12-year-old.”
  10. 2012
    Roland Emmerich Breaks the First Rule of Promoting an Apocalypse MovieNamely, do not announce a follow-up a week before the movie hits theaters.
  11. blowing shit up
    Disaster-Porn Fetishist Roland Emmerich Fears Fatwa, Stops Short of Destroying Islamic Holy Sites in 2012We fear he may have underestimated the loyalty of Randy’s Donuts patrons, though.
  12. disasters
    Adam Lambert’s New Video a Total DisasterAdam’s awesome new video from the ‘2012’ soundtrack just leaked. We like it!
  13. idols
    Adam Lambert’s First Single Is Exactly What You’d Expect“Time for Miracles” indeed.
  14. idols
    Adam Lambert Records Track for Disaster-Porn SoundtrackQueen guitarist Brian May seems to think it’s going to be a surefire No. 1 song.
  15. trailer mix
    Roland Emmerich One-ups Himself in the Disaster-Porn Department With 2012Until we see the trailer for ‘Avatar,’ this will stand atop our list of most-anticipated films of the year.
  16. countdown
    How Will Roland Emmerich Destroy the World in ‘2012’?After awesome weather porn and awesome aliens-exploding-things porn, what could be next?
  17. the industry
    Robert Downey Jr.: Elementary!Plus: Courteney Cox is joining the cast of a show that you totally forgot was still on the air.
  18. the industry
    The Clock Is Ticking for Jon VoightPlus: The Public announces plays by John Guare, Christopher Durang, and Danny Hoch.
  19. the industry
    Will Smith Is Heading for ‘The Sticks’Plus: Katie Holmes on Broadway!
  20. the early-evening news
    Amanda Bynes Is the Thinking Kid’s Michel GondryPlus news about Thriller and how we are old.
  21. the industry
    U2 Back in the Studio, Recording an Album or TwoPlus industry news on Roland Emmerich, Wolverine, and Ebenezer Scrooge.