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2020 Presidential Debates

  1. last night on late night
    John Oliver Calls Trump’s Debate Performance ‘Still Absolutely Appalling’“Unless you set the bar at ‘nobody caught fire,’ Trump will always find a way to disappoint.”
  2. snl
    Play Biden Bingo on SNL’s Cold OpenMalarkey!
  3. 2020 presidential debates
    Congrats, You’ve Survived All of the Presidential Debates of Election 2020We’re one step closer to determining who will be America’s next top (or bottom, quite frankly) president of the United States.
  4. 2020 presidential debates
    The Final Presidential Debate Will Officially Have a Mute ButtonThe candidates’ mics will be cut off while their opponent gives their initial answers, so anticipate a lot of angry, silent flailing.
  5. 2020 presidential debates
    Trump and Biden Town Halls Will Go Head-to-Head This Thursday NightNBC News has set a town hall with the president moderated by Savannah Guthrie.
  6. election 2020
    Aaaaand the Second Presidential Debate Has Been CanceledTrump and Biden will still be debating October 22, however, unless something else absurd happens.
  7. 2020 presidential debates
    The Next Presidential Debate Is Going VirtualTrump has cited a note from Dr. Sean Conley as proof that he will be well enough to debate Joe Biden in person on October 15.
  8. the fly
    You May Have Missed It, But There Was a Fly on Mike Pence During the DebateThe life cycle of the fly jokes poignantly mimicked the life cycle of a fly: Both were incredibly short in nature.
  9. election 2020
    The First 2020 Presidential Debate Scored Massive RatingsMore than triple the audience of this year’s Oscars.
  10. election 2020
    What Could the New ‘Tools to Maintain Order’ at the Debates Possibly Be?We did some top-level political brainstorming.
  11. election 2020
    CNN Anchor Reacts to Debate: ‘That Was a 💩-show’“That was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck.”
  12. election 2020
    Here’s How to Watch the First 2020 Presidential Debate Between Trump and BidenWith or without performance-enhancing-debate-drugs.