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2022 Bet Awards

  1. my single is dropping
    Cardi B Will Promote Her Collab With Ye and Lil Durk After AllShe previously said she wasn’t going to drop a video because she was just “exhausted with everybody.”
  2. bound 2 (remix)
    Ye Thanks/Blames Diddy for His ‘Wife Choices’“Thanks for that, Puff.”
  3. i’m up!
    Doechii Snatched Her Own Wig at the BET AwardsShe came, she served, she conquered.
  4. murked on his own beats
    Jack Harlow Probably Knows Who Brandy Is NowThe rapper performed with the R&B legend and Lil Wayne at the 2022 BET Awards.
  5. 2022 bet awards
    BET Awards 2022: Full Winners ListCongrats to Director .Paak!
  6. peg the patriarchy
    Jack Harlow Brought Lil Nas X (the T-Shirt) to the BET Awards“Wow i really love this man,” says Lil Nas X.
  7. its the industry baby
    What’s Up With Lil Nas X and BET?Lil Nas X was snubbed with zero nominations at the BET Awards.