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2022 Met Gala

  1. cock-a-roach
    Bad Bunny Brought His Best Cockroach-Stomping Shoes to the Met GalaFashion with that practical edge.
  2. unbelievable
    Kim Kardashian Will Sleep With Marilyn Monroe’s Hair Every NightThe hair clump was a gift from Ripley’s.
  3. who’s to say?
    How Many Jared Letos Were at the Met Gala?Are we counting Fredrik Robertsson?
  4. night at the museum
    Mannequins Haunt the 2022 Met Costume Institute ExhibitStaged by Sofia Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Regina King, and six other poor souls.
  5. fashion
    What to Expect at the 2022 Met GalaA Gilded Age dress code (and income disparity).