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  1. gag gifts
    Adele Gave Harry Styles an Extremely Braggy 21st Birthday Present21 was kind of a milestone for Adele, you know.
  2. Why Adele’s 25 Probably Won’t Be As Big As 21 Don’t let the sales-expectations game overshadow the actual music.
  3. unreleased
    Hear 2 Lovely, Unreleased Adele Songs From 21Come back! Please.
  4. singles
    Adele’s Next Single Will Be ‘Rumor Has It’It’s the fourth single off 21.
  5. radio vulture
    Adele’s 21: It’s the Singer, Not the SongThe English soul singer Adele shines brightest on her bad songs.
  6. clickables
    Hear Adele’s Track-by-Track Breakdown of Her AlbumShe is delightful.
  7. backlash
    Will Charges of Inaccuracy Bring Down ‘Bringing Down the House’?Ben Mezrich’s MIT card-counting thriller is now the latest nonfiction book to come under scrutiny by people who think “nonfiction” means “true.”
  8. the take
    Breaking Down the Movie ‘21’ Should Have BeenIt’s particularly disappointing because the book itself reads like a bad screenplay, which has had us hoping for years that someone would bring out its potential on film.
  9. ranters and ravers
    ‘21’ Proves You Can Judge a Movie by Its TrailerNope, ‘21’ didn’t get any better once ‘New Republic’ movie critic Christopher Orr actually saw it.
  10. ranters and ravers
    Throwing Up Hands, Critic Reviews ‘21’ Based Solely on Its TrailerA critic strikes back against movie trailers that give the whole movie away.