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80 For Brady

  1. cannes 2023
    90 Minutes of Jane Fonda Confessing the Truth About HollywoodOn getting drunk to film Barbarella, competing with Katharine Hepburn, dealing with Jean-Luc Godard’s bullshit, and quitting the Book Club movies.
  2. backstories
    Inside 80 for Brady’s Most Surreal and Guy Fieri–est Moments“[Marshawn and Rita] hit it off behind the camera and now they text each other, just to check in.”
  3. vulture sports
    Release the Gay Cut of 80 for BradyGus Kenworthy says his smooch with Brian Jordan Alvarez was cut from the flick.
  4. box office report card
    Knock at the Cabin Takes the Box Office HostageWhile 80 for Brady lures older moviegoers back to the theater.
  5. vulture quiz
    Can You Guess What Actually Happens in 80 for Brady?80 for Brady is one of the weirder comedies to arrive in theaters lately — so weird that describing it might make you think I am lying.
  6. vulture sports!
    Actor Tom Brady Retires From Other CareerJust two days before the release of 80 for Brady.
  7. coming soon
    Once and Future Oscar Winners Star in Tom Brady Fan-Fiction FilmWe’re getting Lily Tomlin her Academy Award one way or another.
  8. women!
    80 for Brady Got Your Favorite ’80s Artists to Make a SongIncluding Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, and Gloria Estefan — but no 80-year-olds.