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80s Nostalgia

  1. 80s nostalgia
    Dark Tower’s RedemptionHow a legendary board-game failure became a thoroughly modern hit.
  2. How Big Beat the Odds to Become One of the Most Beloved Movies of the ’80sNobody expected much from Tom Hanks’s 1988 film — and yet Big became the third-biggest hit of the season.
  3. chat room
    Henry Thomas on Better Things, Stranger Things, and ’80s NostalgiaE.T.’s best friend talks about playing Pamela Adlon’s new love interest on the FX series.
  4. In Praise of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and Its Sublimely Ridiculous VideoA blow-by-blow of a video that takes the line “bright eyes” extremely seriously.
  5. vulture lists
    The 21 Best Fake ’80s Songs on TelevisionFrom Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Wet Hot American Summer, a look at songs created for TV to mimic ‘80s music.
  6. Why Is the Cassette Tape All Over Pop Culture?We consider fewer than 13 reasons why.
  7. chat room
    Stranger Things’ Duffer Bros on Casting Winona“Matthew McConaughey and his McConaissance was a huge help.”
  8. i love the ‘80s
    The Simpsons Opening Credits Is One Massive ’80s OrgasmFrom the upcoming episode.
  9. 80s nostalgia
    5 Things We Learned From the Karate Kid 30th-Anniversary Reunion Panel Johnny was robbed!
  10. chat room
    Howard Deutch on True Blood and John HughesPretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful — these are not movies that are erotic.”
  11. history lesson
    How Baby Boom Set the Template for Future Movies About Working MothersDiane Keaton as the original #GirlBoss.
  12. 80s nostalgia
    The When Harry Met Sally Movie Premiere Was So 1989Actually, these photos are from two separate premieres.
  13. somewhere in time
    Revisiting Hit Music Circa When Harry Met SallyYou’ll have what Martika’s having.
  14. close reads
    How When Harry Met Sally Used Visual Spacing To Tell a Love StoryYou’ll never be able to watch the Nora Ephron / Rob Reiner classic the same way again.
  15. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes on the Hits of July 1983“And here’s Diana Ross wearing a glittering fuchsia catsuit in her 1983 Central Park concert.”
  16. power-ballad chronicles
    The Bizarre History of Transformers’ Great SongAn ‘80s artifact in the best way.
  17. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes on Casey Kasem’s Final Top 40Casey Kasem was never cool, and that’s why Casey Kasem was the coolest guy in the history of radio.
  18. 80s nostalgia
    Sing Your Face Off’s Debbie Gibson Revisits Her Totally ’80s Music Videos“I laugh looking back, seeing myself lying in bed, hugging his picture, wearing these big moose slippers.”
  19. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes Pays Respect to ‘Rappin’ Rodney’ and 99 Other Hits From 1984Which of these top 100 songs from January 28, 1984, deserves more respect? Judge Dave Holmes presides over the case.
  20. bring back riptide
    Watch Adam and Naomi Scott Talk Greatest EventMany adorable Jon Hamm anecdotes are told.
  21. 80s nostalgia
    Gedde Watanabe Discusses 30 Years of Sixteen Candles and Long Duk DongThe actor who delivered the classic line “What’s happenin’, hot stuff?” reflects on the character three decades later.
  22. somewhere in time
    Revisiting the Songs of Summer 1986The music of July 1986 is the ultimate Mean Girls playlist.
  23. chat room
    Billy Zabka on How I Met Your Mother, the Zabkatage, and Sweeping the LegI get guys in headbands saying, “Cobra Kai never die!”
  24. chat room
    Britta Phillips on the Live-Action Jem Movie“I’m way too old to play Jem. Are you crazy?”
  25. 80s nostalgia
    A Truly Outrageous Jem and the Holograms Refresher CourseWho are the Misfits again?
  26. somewhere in time
    Dave Holmes Looks Back at the 1987 Box Office When RoboCop DebutedThe top ten included both Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise AND Jaws IV: The Revenge.
  27. 80s nostalgia
    Watch the Kids Incorporated New Year’s SpecialMemories.
  28. 80s nostalgia
    NBC Wants New Remington SteeleOh, Lord.
  29. 80s nostalgia
    See Breaking Bad As a Text-Based Computer GameWalter White runs rampant in a mash-up with the old-school adventure game Zork.
  30. 80s nostalgia
    What Will Be the Next Greatest Event in Television History?Hmmm. Where have we seen that couch before?
  31. scene stealers
    10 Die Hard Tidbits We Learned From Its Biggest Scene-StealersTopics discussed: Road House, Demi Moore, Alan Rickman’s accent, Twinkies, “The quarterback is toast!” and more.
  32. 80s nostalgia
    Win, Lose or Draw Is Coming BackFor kids. But maybe a grown-up version could come back, too.
  33. party chat
    Ben Vereen Is Totally Down for a Zoobilee Zoo Reunion“You’re a Zoobaroo!”
  34. 80s nostalgia
    Check Out This Photo of a Mini–Silver Spoons Cast ReunionAt the Friars Club’s So You Think You Can Roast!?
  35. mondo video
    Watch YouTube’s Most Delightfully Dated TV ClipsA skeezy Playboy roller-disco TV special, an ad for Full House dolls, Alec Baldwin on Hollywood Squares, and more!
  36. family matters
    How Close Are We to an Urkel Revival? CloseGot any cheese?
  37. nostalgia
    What Does Your Eighties Karaoke Song Choice Say About You? Friends and audience members will likely interpret the choice as a glimpse into your soul.
  38. 80s nostalgia
    The Alf Guy Wants to Make an Alf MovieHold on to your cats.
  39. 80s nostalgia
    ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Movie Now in DevelopmentHere be dragons.