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  1. fan theories
    Liv Hewson Acted Their Way Out of an Early Death on YellowjacketsVan didn’t bite it because Liv ate.
  2. fall preview 2021
    18 New Classical Music Performances to Hear This FallJonas Kaufmann sings at Carnegie Hall, Conrad Tao on stage at 92Y, and more.
  3. good one podcast
    What It’s Like to Write for Late Night Right NowOn this week’s Good One podcast, writers from every late-night show that shoots in New York talk shop.
  4. urbanism
    Is Hudson Yards Really the City of Tomorrow?A debate between four starchitects.
  5. party report
    Robin Wright Says House of Cards Finale Is ‘Beautifully Macabre’No spoilers!
  6. How One Legendary TV Writer Thinks We Can Fix Workplace Harassment“Everyone should look at it and go ‘Ew!’”
  7. anxiety
    Lena Dunham Explains How Her Anxiety Is Different From Hannah’s“She has so many fewer problems than I do!”
  8. party chats
    Mindy Kaling Wanted to Write a Rom-Com Starring Tina Fey and George ClooneyA sexy Indiana Jones–esque professor meets an equally sexy librarian.
  9. Matthew Weiner on the Past, Present, and Future of Mad Men’s Characters“I’m sorry it made you a little uneasy that Don’s doing something you don’t really like.”
  10. in conversation
    The Best Moments From the JLD/Frank Rich ConvoOn Veep: “Wearing this wig and these tight clothes and these shoes that are nuts … It starts to inform the rage.”
  11. moving on
    How Playing Heidi Holland Helped Elisabeth Moss Get Over Peggy Olson“There are other great women out there that I’m gonna fall in love with.”
  12. tv
    Buy Tickets to 92Y’s Evening With the Cast of Better Call SaulIt’s on February 5, three days before the show’s premiere.
  13. books
    See George R.R. Martin Explain The World of Ice and Fire at the 92YWhich of his dragons could beat Smaug?
  14. books
    Get a Signed Copy of George R.R. Martin’s LatestThe World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones.
  15. live-streaming
    Here’s Michael Cera Interviewing David CrossLive!
  16. announcements
    Go See David Edelstein Tonight at the 92YHe’ll talk Oscar films with A.O. Scott, Lisa Schwarzbaum, and Columbia University’s Annette Insdorf.
  17. well excuse me
    Steve Martin Responds to 92Y Debacle“I have no doubt that, in time, and with some cooperation from the audience, we would have achieved ignition.”