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After Hours

  1. you ever been to poughkeepsie?
    12 Directors on Their Favorite New York City Movies“That’s an element of New York: You can look into a window and see a totally different world, and you’re so separated from it.”
  2. surrender dorothy!
    Griffin Dunne Answers Every Question We Have About After HoursIt started with Martin Scorsese demanding he abstain from sex during the shoot and almost ended with Paul stuck in that sculpture.
  3. red suit theory
    How Many Red Suits Did the Weeknd Order for After Hours?His tailor said he “lost count” after 18.
  4. red suit theory
    After Super Bowl LV, the Weeknd’s Gotta Retire the Red SuitAfter Hours was the MVP of 2020. Hang it up before it’s too late.
  5. videology
    The Weeknd Debuts New Red Suit, Swollen Face in ‘Save Your Tears’ VideoShowing the Grammys just what they’re missing.
  6. music videos
    The Weeknd’s Big Ol’ Decapitated Head Haunts the ‘Too Late’ Music VideoHe went from being somebody to no body.
  7. chart updates
    The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ Just Broke a Billboard RecordIt has been stuck in our heads for a record 28 weeks.
  8. chart update
    DaBaby’s Blame It on Baby Overtakes The Weeknd on DaBillboard 200As it should be called during his reign.
  9. sad boi hours
    The Weeknd Gets a Billboard No. 1 and a Selena Gomez Shout-out in One Day“The Box” is unseated by the latest viral TikTok song.
  10. read the room
    We Really Could’ve Used The Old Weeknd Right NowWhat are we supposed to do with a party album during a pandemic?
  11. normal news update
    The Weeknd’s New Album After Hours Is Out, So Hurry Up and Get HeartbrokenBella Hadid, avert your eyes.
  12. Michael Ballhaus’s Best Scorsese Collaboration Was After HoursThe Goodfellas tracking shot gets all the attention, but Michael Ballhaus’s first collaboration with Martin Scorsese was even better.
  13. Watch Emma Stone Play Think FastEmma Stone to you: “That’s what makes you beautiful.”
  14. the hobbit
    The Hobbit Cast Plays F*ck/Marry/Kill“Killing” it, McKellan.
  15. ‘After Hours’ and the Rarity of a Comedy That’s Not Afraid Someone Might […]Whenever I go to the theater to see a mainstream Hollywood comedy or cue one up on Netflix streaming — and even with some indie comedies […]
  16. The 10 Best Fish Out of Water ComediesSponsored posts are purely editorial content that we are pleased to have presented by a participating sponsor — in this case, […]