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Alan Menken

  1. beyoncé’s child
    Halle Bailey Is Taking ‘Part of Your World (Reprise)’ Up an OctaveThe titular Little Mermaid is also getting some new songs from Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  2. egot
    Alan Menken Takes the EGOT Following Daytime Emmy WinThe composer won Best Original Song for Rapunzel’s Tangled Tale’s “Waiting in the Wings.”
  3. egots
    Here’s Your Post-Emmys EGOT WatchJames Corden, Courtney B. Vance, and Diane Warren all got closer, while Alan Menken just missed out.
  4. movies
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Writing Songs for a Live-Action Little Mermaid This is not a drill.
  5. Alan Menken Says a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Musical Is in the WorksThe rumored Mrs. Doubtfire sequel might not be moving forward, but now it looks like the 1993 film is getting the stage musical treatment. […]
  6. musicals
    A Mrs. Doubtfire Musical Is Actively Being Worked OnHello!
  7. Theater Review: Disney’s Same Old World, Back in AladdinThis time with more Costanza.
  8. pilots 2014
    Musical Fairy-Tale Show in the WorksWith music by Alan Menken.
  9. clickables
    Watch Darren Criss’s Acoustic Performance of ‘A Whole New World’But where was Robin Williams?
  10. theater review
    Sister Act’s Charming March of the PenguinsRapping grannies, singing nuns. Who’s gonna argue?
  11. chat room
    Alan Menken on What He’d Do With a Ninth Oscar“I’m going to build a menorah.”