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  1. and just like cat
    And Just Like That, Sarah Jessica Parker Adopted a CatI couldn’t help but wonder, Can an on-set cat become an at-home cat?
  2. emergency discussion
    And Just Like That … Can’t Let Go and Neither Can WeNo matter how hard this season tried to push us away with unhinged coat choices and olive-slurping, we kept smashing that play button.
  3. london calling
    Samantha’s Return Was Perfectly Nice. What a Waste.With Kim Cattrall’s much-anticipated cameo, And Just Like That … set itself up for the worst of both worlds.
  4. overnights
    And Just Like That … Season-Finale Recap: An Unexpected Turn of EventsIn honor of Carrie, I am letting go of my expectations for this show.
  5. maxinistas
    And Just Like That … Here Comes Season 3Max’s “top original series” will return for more high-budget shenanigans.
  6. some questions
    How Is And Just Like That … Going to Wrap This Up?And most importantly, what Patricia Field outfit will Kim Cattrall wear?
  7. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Prelude to the Last SupperThings take a turn for the horrifying for just about everyone.
  8. close read
    And Just Like That … Can’t Stop Failing Its New CharactersI couldn’t help but wonder, Why is this show patently unable to render Lisa, Seema, Nya, and Che in unembarrassing ways?
  9. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: A Big MoveIf it takes Brady and Lily hooking up to give Miranda and Charlotte a story line together, so be it!
  10. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: A Little Space Between FriendsWe can’t continue with Carrie and Aidan’s romance without asking the Big question, I guess.
  11. close read
    One Weird Trick to Tolerating And Just Like That …Remember: It’s not a continuation of the original series; it’s a continuation of the second movie.
  12. gross mischaracterization
    Aidan’s Jacket: A LamentSomething is not right here.
  13. hot fella
    Thank God Mario Cantone Remembers Sex and the CityAnthony Marantino is the only And Just Like That … character living in the original series’ glory days.
  14. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: A Date With the PastCarrie and Aidan’s Valentine’s date feels just like old times. Is And Just Like That … setting us up to be duped one last time with these two?
  15. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Back-to-Back Breakup ChampTwo good-bye spoon sessions in one episode? It’s a brutal time for Miranda.
  16. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Pump and DumpCarrie Bradshaw is fully back in the dating world. That’s good for her but even better for us.
  17. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: The Great Dust Ball of 2023Gloria Steinem in an episode about ghost sperm, a dick pic, and a three-way gone wrong — what a world!
  18. boundaries
    Sarah Jessica Parker Felt Too ‘Shy’ for Sex and the City Nude ScenesHowever, she never felt judgment for her other costars that were more comfortable.
  19. couples costume
    Kim Cattrall Won’t Want to Be in a Situation for Even an Hour Sans Pat FieldShe was the sole costumee of Cattrall on And Just Like That and Glamorous.
  20. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Swallowing Your TsIt’s nice to see And Just Like That … finally nail the balance of dark and light.
  21. hold my purse
    Blow Her, Don’t Shrink HerAnd Just Like That … season two owes Sarita Choudhury an apology.
  22. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Clutching Your PigeonMuch like Carrie’s bag, this episode is both too much and not nearly enough.
  23. overnights
    And Just Like That … Season-Premiere Recap: The Theme Is Veiled BeautyWhat a blessing. Or a curse. I love it. Or I hate it. I haven’t decided.
  24. tv review
    Humiliating Carrie BradshawAnd Just Like That … stumbles into the future
  25. quickly now
    And Just Like That… Samantha’s Cameo Is Not a ‘Large Thing’“I just hope it’s not just a tremendous anti-climax, to be frank.”
  26. announcements
    Introducing the ‘And Just Like That Club’ NewsletterWatch and obsess about the new season with us.
  27. on the record
    And Just Like That … Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall’s ‘Catfight’ Wages OnShe’s back.
  28. fast & furious: hobbes & che
    The Romance of the Century Returns on And Just Like That …Will Che have to choose between Miranda and weed?
  29. yama kippi yay bo
    What Is Kim Cattrall’s One And Just Like That … Cameo Scene Going to Be?Two words: jazz scat.
  30. yama kippi yay bo
    Oh, Honey! Kim Cattrall Returns As Samantha Jones on And Just Like That …The Messiah is here!
  31. art history
    Let’s Code-Break the And Just Like That PosterHoly mother of Carrie!
  32. doing something unholy
    And Just Like That … to Re-Reunite Carrie and AidanAnd it looks like Sam Smith will also make an appearance.
  33. vulture lists
    The Best Fake Podcasts of the YearFrom X, Y, and Me to The 11th Brick at Stonewall.
  34. happy pride!
    Bowen Yang Thought No One Would Get the ‘Iceberg’Bowen Yang AND Cynthia Nixon? The gays have won.
  35. the samantha diaries
    Carrie and Samantha Are Still Texting in And Just Like That … Season TwoMessaging a girl with the funkiest taste in texts.
  36. yama kippi yay bo
    Kim Cattrall on And Just Like That … : ‘Enough’“I think the original show is really amazing, but that was a different time.”
  37. oh my god you guys
    I Object! … to Whatever’s Going on With Legally Blonde 3What’s the best-case scenario for this kind of threequel? Mindy Kaling knows it’s not And Just Like That …
  38. close reads
    The Fundamental Flaw in And Just Like That …Sex and the City made life over 30 look fun. And Just Like That … makes life over 50 seem confusing and sad.
  39. i couldn’t help but wonder
    What Would Samantha Jones Do?It’s impossible to watch And Just Like That … and not think about what could’ve been, if only Samantha had been around to talk sense into her friends.
  40. chat room
    Sarita Choudhury on the Auntie Approval That Shaped Seema PatelThe And Just Like That … star talks ’shippers, spinoffs, and her favorite New York City real-estate stories.
  41. winners and losers
    Who Won and Lost And Just Like That …?Winner: Che Diaz. Loser: Comedy.
  42. and just like that
    Che Diaz to Depart Cult-Hit Podcast X, Y, and MeA source told Vulture that there’s interest in refashioning the show solely around Carrie Bradshaw, in the style of her old “Sex and the City” column.
  43. explain yourselves
    The And Just Like That … Writers Knew Viewers Would Be Team SteveShowrunner Michael Patrick King and his co-writers dissect Big’s death, Samantha’s absence, and the Che Diaz of it all.
  44. overnights
    And Just Like That … Season-Finale Recap: One Year LaterWe’re onboard with the full trajectory of Carrie’s arc this season. The Miranda of it all remains absolutely wild.
  45. i couldn’t help but wonder
    How Are the New And Just Like That … Characters Still Just Meeting Each Other?Why did it take so long to get Seema, Nya, and Lisa on the same set?
  46. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Put a Ring on ItEveryone is having relationship issues.
  47. “going out like mr. big”
    Billions Gave Peloton PR Another Heart AttackAnd once again, the exercise-bike company says it wasn’t consulted.
  48. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: The Hobbes Rom-ComThe Miranda stuff has been a mess from the beginning, and it looks like it’s about to get a lot messier.
  49. some questions
    Some Questions About And Just Like That…’s Che DiazApparently Vulture wrote a piece about them, so here is a piece about them.
  50. overnights
    And Just Like That … Recap: Glimmer of HopeCarrie gets back in the dating game … with disastrous results.
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